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With affiliates offices in 19 countries worldwide, BuyGoldenVisa.com can assist you with issues related to residence and citizenship by investment. Contact us to obtain your nationality through local investor programs.

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Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Cyprus, Curacao, Dominica, El Salvador, Greece, Grenada, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Malta, North Macedonia, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, UAE, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA, Vanuatu

Golden visas have been granted to foreign investors back in the ’80 particularly for those types of entrepreneurs interested in taking advantage of a series of tax benefits in offshore destinations. Because of a large number of requests, numerous countries have introduced and developed nowadays varied golden visa programs. Golden visa/citizenship by investment can also be granted for entrepreneurs deciding for large businesses and investments in a wide range of countries. This status grants several benefits like free entrances worldwide, permanent residency in the country where the investments are made, and varied tax reliefs.

 Quick Facts 
Golden visa requirements in Antigua and Barbuda

– a donation of USD100,000 or a contribution of USD150,000 to the University of West Indies;

– real estate purchase with a value of USD200,000;

– business investment worth at least USD1.5 million 

(Citizenship available after 5 years)

Golden visa requirements in Belize

– available for people aged 45 or above who submit proof of monthly minimum income of USD2,000 USD (at least USD24,000 must be deposited in a local bank account);

– to obtain Belize residency by investment: submit proof of having at least 500,000 Belize dollars to invest

(Citizenship available after 5 years of permanent residency)

Golden visa requirements in Dominica

– USD100,000 donation to the Economic Development Fund, 

– real estate purchase worth at least USD200,000

Golden visa requirements in Grenada

– a minimum donation of USD150,000 to the National Transformation Fund,

– real estate acquisition valued at USD350,000 + a non-refundable USD50,000 donation

Golden visa requirements in San Salvador

– new program launched in 2021,

– minimum investment ranges between USD500,000 and USD1.5 million in several economic sectors (tourism, maritime, construction, IT, medicine) and/or real estate purchase

Golden visa requirements in St. Kitts and Nevis

– donation of USD150,000 to the Sustainable Growth Fund for a single applicant (an additional USD10,000 applies per dependent and USD20,000 for siblings), 

– real estate purchase of USD400,000 can be chosen

Golden visa requirements in St. Lucia

– donation of at least USD100,000 to the National Economic Fund,

– real estate investment worth at least USD300,000,

– business investment of USD3.5 million – 6 million

Golden visa requirements in Vanuatu– non-refundable donation of USD130,000 for a single applicant and USD150,000 for couples 

Our teams of lawyers in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Malta, USA, UK, Spain, and Portugal are at your disposal with complete legal assistance and advice if you would like to apply for a golden visa in these countries or if you are interested in citizenship by investment and its special status.

What is a golden visa?

A golden visa is the type of visa granted for foreign entrepreneurs who make investments in other countries than the ones of origin. Also, a golden visa grants the permanent residency for persons making investments through companies and related businesses, or by purchasing real estate properties. More than 25% of worldwide countries are granting golden visas and among these, we mention Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Malta, the UK, and the USA. You can benefit from complete legal support and assistance from our teams of lawyers in each of the above-mentioned states.

What is citizenship by investment?

Businesspersons who invest a large amount of money in foreign countries and who already have permanent residence status in those countries can apply and obtain citizenship by investment. This status is offered not only to the investor but also to the family members. For the investments made in a specific country, the government in that country offers citizenship by investment, a status that comes with varied benefits like a second passport, free entrance without applying for another visa, tax benefits, and specific rights through naturalization.

A golden visa program comes with many advantages, among which is the right to immigrate with family members.

Countries we can help you buy a golden visa in

Our golden visa specialists can help foreign citizens interested in relocating permanently to other countries to purchase golden passports which will enable them to lead comfortable lives and even have their own businesses.

Here are the countries in which our golden visa specialists can help you acquire residence by investment or citizenship by investment:

  1. Italy is one of the most beautiful European countries you can relocate to under the Golden Visa program;
  2. the United Kingdom is also an appreciated destination in which we can help you relocate with the help of such a visa;
  3. Ireland is one of the top destinations in which foreign citizens move based on a golden visa;
  4. Greece has one of the cheapest residence by investment programs in Europe and the European Union;
  5. Cyprus is one of the oldest countries in Europe to have enabled a golden visa scheme;
  6. Malta is one of the highest-ranking countries in the world in terms of golden visa programs;
  7. Spain is also on the list of countries where we can help you purchase a golden visa;
  8. Portugal is one of the most appealing golden visa destinations in the European Union;
  9. The USA is the oldest country in the world to provide for special visas for foreign investors.

Do not hesitate to ask our specialists about the golden visa program for any of the countries mentioned above. We will explain all the requirements in detail and help you prepare for obtaining residency or citizenship by investment, in accordance with your needs.

You can also read below about the main advantages of obtaining a golden visa:

Buy Golden Visa Citizenship by Investment

Apply for a golden visa in Portugal

With doors wide open to foreign investments, Portugal is among the countries that grant golden visas for overseas entrepreneurs. The conditions related to obtaining a golden visa in Portugal can be explained by our Portuguese team of attorneys, and are related to:

  • entrepreneurs need to invest at least EUR 500,000 in real estate properties;
  • business persons deciding for company formation need to create at least 10 new jobs in Portugal;
  • decide for urban renovation investments in specific cities in Portugal;
  • invest different sums of money in Portugal’s patrimony or state-owned properties.

We invite you to take a look at the legal requirements for obtaining citizenship by investment in Portugal and solicit legal advice from our attorneys. We can also help foreign citizens interested in golden passports in other countries.

How to buy a golden visa in Italy

Italy is a very appealing destination for foreign investors with various types of visas overseas entrepreneurs can apply for. However, the government decided to enable a new Golden Visa program under which investors can benefit from several options in terms of investments. The minimum amount of money to be invested is 500,000 euros in the purchase of real estate property, however, the uniqueness of Italy’s Golden Visa program consists in the possibility of starting an innovative company through which permanent residency can be obtained.

Our local specialists can also guide investors on other golden visa countries.

How to obtain a golden visa in the UK

Even if the UK is about to exit the European Union, the government still maintains the Golden Visa program which will represent one of the safest ways through which EU investors will be able to relocate here. If you are interested in immigration by investment in the UK, the Tier 1 Investor Visa is the proper solution in order to obtain a golden visa for the UK.

We have agents in various citizenship by investment countries, so we can provide local assistance if you decide on any of them.

Ireland is a top golden visa country at a worldwide level

In the last few years, Ireland has become one of the most appealing citizenship by investment countries in the world when it comes to foreign citizens relocating here under a golden visa scheme. The minimum amount of money to invest in order to obtain a golden visa for Ireland is 1 million euros and our specialists here can help you apply for residency by investment in Ireland.

If you are interested in a golden visa/citizenship by investment, we invite you to read about the country you want to move to on our website.

Buying golden visas in Greece and Cyprus

Greece and Cyprus have many things in common, among which there are also the golden visa programs under which foreign entrepreneurs can relocate to any of their beautiful islands. If Cyprus was the first to enable the Residence by Investment Scheme, Greece’s program is more recent, however, it is just as appealing as other European countries’ schemes.

The same amount of money is necessary for foreign citizens to buy golden passports in both Cyprus and Greece and that is 300,000 euros which must be invested in real estate.

Whether you would like to make large investments in citizenship by investment countries like Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Ireland, UK, USA, or Malta, we can help you with complete legal advice in matters like:

  • company registration and business management;
  • investment opportunities and related requirements;
  • golden visa applications;
  • citizenship by investment.

Most golden visa countries enable wealthy people to obtain a residence permit or even citizenship in the state they desire by making a sizable donation, making an investment, or purchasing a home there. Investment possibilities vary by nation and can range from lower to higher amounts of money. You and your family members can move there legally if you make the necessary investment.

We can guide you on various golden visa/citizenship by investment schemes.

    Apply for Citizenship by Investment


    Why choose our golden visa specialists?

    Our team is made of lawyers in each country we can help you buy a golden visa in, which is why we proud ourselves on offering tailored advice and solutions to those who want to immigrate to golden visa countries.

    By working with us you can rest assured that you will have all the support you need from personnel in the country you want to relocate to. We will advise on the documents to prepare, their filing, and how to prove the amount of money you are willing to invest is from legitimate sources.

    If you want to relocate to another country and haven’t decided on one yet, or you are struggling to choose between two countries, we can help you there too: we can present pros and cons for the countries you have doubts about.

    No matter your choice, all the countries we can help you obtain a golden visa are ranked among the top 15 golden visa countries in the world in terms of residency and citizenship by investment.
    According to statistics:

    • in 2016, Ireland approved 329 investor visas (including dependent visas);
    • between July 2017 and July 2018, Malta approved 700 visa applications under the Malta Residence by Investment Program;
    • in the period July 2017- July 2018, Portugal issued a total number of 1,173 golden visas;
    • Greece was one of the most appealing golden visa destinations in 2018 with an estimate of 5,088 visas.

    We invite you to contact our teams of lawyers in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Ireland, Malta, UK, USA, Spain, Portugal and other countries for comprehensive information about how to acquire a golden visa and citizenship by investments.