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Golden Visa for Anguilla

Golden Visa for Anguilla

One of the insular states joining the select list of countries offering golden visas is Anguilla. The British territory located in the exotic Caribbean paradise has enabled its residency by investment scheme in 2019. Ever since it started to attract more and more foreigners.

Below, our golden visa specialists explain the conditions of getting Anguilla citizenship. It is important to note that there is no direct way to citizenship, as one must first obtain residency.

The Anguilla golden visa – Requirements

You must be at least 18 years old and have a clean criminal record in order to qualify for Anguilla’s residency by investment program. Additionally, you must possess sufficient financial resources to be eligible for one of the Anguilla investment schemes.

The main options of the program are:

  • capital investment of USD 150,000 minimum in a government-approved fund;
  • real estate acquisition with a minimum value of USD 750,000;
  • tax residency in exchange for an annual fee of USD 75,000.

If you decide to apply for a golden visa for Anguilla, our specialists are at your service.

We are also at your disposal if you are interested in other golden visa programs around the world.

Gain residency by investment in Anguilla through capital injection

One of the simplest ways to acquire residency by investment in Anguilla is capital injection. After 5 years of residency, the applicant becomes eligible for citizenship.

 You can invest at least USD 150,000 required into a fund that is under government management. The fund’s goal is to invest the amounts of money gathered from foreign investors in initiatives that would promote the nation’s social and economic development. It is important to note that you must pay an additional $50,000 for each dependent you list on your application if you decide to move with your family.

If you are interested in this option, you can get in touch with our agents who will explain in detail the phases of this application for an investor or for an investor and his/her family. We are also at your disposal with information about other interesting citizenship by investment countries.

Acquire real estate and obtain Anguilla residency by investment

You need to invest at least USD 750,000 in a property if you choose the real estate option. Hotels, residences, villas, condos, etc. are examples of properties that can be bought under the Anguilla golden visa. Up to 4 family members can relocate with you for the minimum amount to be injected, however, you must pay an additional USD 100,000 per each additional family member. Before you decide to sell your property, you must maintain it for at least 5 years.

This is by far one of the best options for relocation to Anguilla based on the residency by investment program, as it offers a good return when rented.

Tax residency in Anguilla

In return for a USD 75,000 yearly payment, the tax residency scheme enables you to settle in Anguilla. This way, you can pay lower taxes compared to other countries throughout the world. Its main conditions are:

  • you must create real ties to Anguilla, such as opening a bank account or acquiring real estate;
  • demonstrate that you did not spend more than 183 days abroad within a calendar year;
  • you must own property in Anguilla with a value of at least USD 400,000.

Applications are handled by the Immigration Department within the Government of Anguilla. You must have your supporting documentation drafted and filed by a licensed agency that will apply for the Anguilla golden visa on your behalf. Our agents can help in this regard.

Contact us for support in applying for residency by investment in Anguilla followed by citizenship.