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Digital Nomad Visa for Antigua

Digital Nomad Visa for Antigua

Sitting on a beach and working is a dream for many people, however, for some of them, this can turn into reality with the new Antigua digital nomad visa. In 2020, when many countries decide to implement such a program, the Antigua and Barbuda also created its own scheme for those who have the possibility to work remotely.

If you want to become an Antigua digital nomad, we invite you to discover here how you can obtain this status and the steps to complete. Alternatively, if you are interested in long-term residence or even citizenship, you can buy a golden visa in Antigua with the help of our specialists.

The Antigua remote work visa and its requirements

There are several requirements to meet if you are interested in applying for a digital nomad visa for Antigua. The program was created by the local government that imposed the following conditions:

  • the applicant must be at least 18 years old;
  • he or she must be employed by a company registered outside Antigua and Barbuda;
  • the person must be able to work remotely (an entrepreneur can also apply for an Antigua digital nomad visa).

Apart from these, the applicant must be eligible to obtain an entry visa for Antigua and Barbuda and also have a clean criminal record.

If you have sufficient funds, you can also qualify for citizenship by investment in Antigua, and our golden visa specialists can help you acquire it.

There are more than 100 citizenship by investment countries worldwide where people can move to. These can be found in Europe, North and South America and not lastly the Middle East. The complete list of countries where you can obtain residency or citizenship can be consulted with our specialists.

How to apply for a digital nomad visa for Antigua

The procedure of applying for an Antigua remote work visa is completed online, by submitting the following documents:

  • the valid passport;
  • two passport-sized photos;
  • the birth certificate;
  • proof of employment or having sufficient funds to support one’s stay here;
  • the criminal record;
  • medical and travel insurances.

If you want to become an Antigua digital nomad, waste no more time and check if you meet the requirements for moving here. Our local immigration consultants can guide you. We are also at your service if you are interested in other citizenship by investment countries in the Caribbeans.

Why apply for an Antigua digital nomad visa

There are several advantages linked to becoming an Antigua digital nomad, among which we only mention these:

  • you can bring with you 3 or more family members;
  • you must have a minimum income of 50,000 USD or the equivalent in other currencies per year, which is a low amount compared to other jurisdictions;
  • you can live here for 2 years based on this type of visa;
  • you will obtain an answer to your application within 24 hours.

What should be noted about the Antigua digital nomad visa is that you must also pay a fee. The amount depends on whether you will move here alone or with your family. Here are a few examples in this sense:

  • the fee per single applicant is 1,500 USD;
  • for a couple made of the main applicant and spouse, the fee is 2,000 USD;
  • for a 3-member family, the fee is 3,000 USD.

Please be advised that these fees are available for 2022. On the government’s website, you can also find additional information.

If you move here with your family, you must also consider the documents they need to provide in order to obtain their visas. Among these, valid passports, marriage certificates or other justificative documents, birth certificates, health insurance, and clean criminal record.

If you are interested in applying for the golden visa program instead of the digital nomad visa for Antigua, you can rely on our local advisors.

If you decide to become an Antigua digital nomad, feel free to contact our local consultants for more information. We are also at your service if you decide to apply for citizenship by investment here.