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Digital Nomad Visa for Bahamas

Digital Nomad Visa for Bahamas

The possibility of staying in one country for a longer period and working from there has many benefits for the hosting state, as remote workers are tourists that contribute to the economy. This is one of the key aspects of digital nomad visas that have been implemented in Bahamas in 2020. However, here the program is called the Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS), which is currently suspended.

If you want to apply for the Bahamas digital nomad visa and need advice, you can rely on our local specialists. We are also at your service if you want to buy a golden visa in Bahamas.

Who can qualify for the Bahamas remote working visa?

The digital nomad visa in Bahamas was launched in 2020 when because of the pandemic the number of tourists has dropped significantly. However, at the moment the program is suspended.

The BEATS program was seen as an extended tourist visa under which the following categories of applicants can qualify for:

  1. employees of companies outside the Bahamas;
  2. students who also have remote jobs they can do from other countries;
  3. entrepreneurs and businesspersons who can conduct their activities directly.

Under it, applicants for the Bahamas digital nomad visas could stay here for one year. Additionally, it is possible to move here with close family. Now, the visitor visa can be used for multiple entries.

Should you want to apply for the Bahamas remote working visa, our local consultants can guide you on how to obtain the tourist visa that grants the possibility of staying here for shorter periods. An important aspect to consider is that this program was launched by the Ministry of Tourism and not by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So, if you are interested in citizenship by investment in Bahamas thanks to the benefits you can obtain under it, we kindly advise you to seek our legal support.

Applying for a Bahamas digital nomad visa

One of the first and most important benefits of the BEATS program was that you could obtain a digital nomad visa in just 5 days, based on the following documents:

  • the application form;
  • proof of international health insurance;
  • proof of any form of employment, self-employment, studentship, or entrepreneurship abroad must also be submitted.

The advantage of obtaining a Bahamas remote working visa as a visitor visa is that for most applicants a valid passport is now required, without having to indicate proof of working abroad.

An alternative to this type of visa is the golden visa program that enables one to move to the Bahamas against an investment. This way, you can have your own business here. With living costs that start at only USD 30 per day, the Bahamas is a great workplace and vacation destination.

Moving to golden visa countries implies getting residence or citizenship by investment. For this process, the procedure is for the candidate to be verified, and only qualified ones to be given full rights to either residence or citizenship in exchange for making a specific financial contribution to the country.

How to become a digital nomad through the visitor visa in Bahamas

For the moment, the visitor visa remains the best alternative to the Bahamas digital nomad visa as it can be obtained for entering the country multiple times, as follows:

  • the shortest duration of the visa is 3 months;
  • it is also possible to live here for 6 months under this type of visa;
  • a one-year visa can also be obtained;
  • the longest duration of the visa is 3 years.

By comparison, the BEATS program only allowed the applicant to live here for one year with the possibility of renewal. The fee for any multiple entry visas is the same, USD 110 at the level of 2022.

For updated information on whether the Bahamas digital nomad visa in its original form is retaken, please contact our specialists. We also remind you that you can rely on us if you are interested in buying a golden passport here or in other citizenship by investment countries.