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Golden Visa for Curacao

Golden Visa for Curacao

Located in the Caribbean, Curacao is a Dutch territory where many people dream of living. One way to do that is by applying for the Curacao golden visa. It is important to note that there is no direct route to citizenship, however, residency by investment is available. Below, our golden visa agents explain how to obtain Curacao residency by investment followed by citizenship. We can be by your side through every step of the procedure.

 Quick Facts 
 Nationalities accepted (EU/Non-EU)Citizens all over the world can access this golden visa program. 

 Business investment option (YES/NO)

 Yes, setting up a business is available through the Curacao Golden Visa.

 Real estate investment option (YES/NO)

Yes, property acquisition is also available. 

 Other investment options (if available)

– acquisition of shares in existing companies,

– security purchases

 Living requirement in Curacao (YES/NO)

 No, however, at least once a year the visa holder must visit Curacao.

 Residence or direct citizenship option


 Direct immigration with family members (YES/NO)

 Yes, it is possible to obtain residency for family members as well.

 Family members allowed to join the program

Spouse and children 

 Residence visa/citizenship processing time (approx.)

Approx. 3 months 

 Additional financial requirements for family members (YES/NO)No 
 Timeframe for obtaining citizenship/residency by investment

 Permanent residency becomes available after 5 years. The same timeframe applies for citizenship, however, additional living requirements apply.

Dual citizenship permitted (YES/NO) 

 Yes, for certain nationalities only

 Reasons to choose Curacao

– various tax benefits,

– possibility to acquire a vacation home,

– access to Dutch citizenship

 Personal income tax rate

Personal income tax ranges from 9.75% to 46.5%. 

 Visa free travel to other countries (approx. number of countries) More than 180 countries

Requirements to obtain residency by investment in Curacao

You must meet the following criteria in order to be qualified for the Curacao Investor Permit Program for 2024:

  • you must have the means to fulfill the financial requirements of this golden visa program;
  • you must not have a criminal history;
  • you must be able to demonstrate that you have earned or are prepared to invest at least 280,000 USD;
  • you must prove that your funds come from legitimate sources.

Also, you must secure health insurance before coming to Curacao.

We remind you that this permit can be used for getting residency by investment followed by Curacao citizenship.

If you are interested in other countries that provide for obtaining their passports directly, we can help you choose among the most suitable citizenship by investment countries in the world.

Investment options

There are 3 options if you are interested in applying for a 2024 Curacao golden visa. These are:

  • real estate acquisition;
  • company registration or share acquisition;
  • securities purchases.

An important aspect to consider about the Curacao Investor Permit program is that it has 3 levels that are linked directly to the validity of the residence permit obtained this way.

If you want to buy a golden visa for Curacao and need assistance in applying for residency by investment, you can rely on our local specialists.

Documents required when applying for a golden visa for Curacao

Depending on the reason for immigration, there are various papers required for this residency permit under the 2024 Curacao golden visa:

  • information on the source of funding;
  • a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate;
  • a copy of the passport, or another identification paper;
  • a recent bank reference letter;
  • a utility bill as proof of a residential address;
  • health insurance;
  • a bank statement from a Curacao bank showing a minimum of USD 280,000;
  • a clear criminal record.

Our local specialists can assist those who want to apply for residency by investment in Curacao, followed by citizenship after the minimum permanent residence period.

If you are interested in direct citizenship, there are various citizenship by investment countries around the world that allow you to move.

Validity of the residence permit obtained through the Curacao golden visa

The validity of the Curacao residence by investment permit depends on the amount injected, and from this point of view:

  • you invest 280,000 USD in real estate or a company in exchange for a 3-year residence permit;
  • you can also invest 420,000 USD in real estate or a business to be eligible for a residence visa and a 5-year residency permit;
  • you also have the option of investing 838,000 USD in property or a company in exchange for an indefinite residence permit.

If you keep your investment in place, you can qualify for Curacao citizenship after 5 years. However, the interesting fact is that you will actually obtain a Dutch passport, one of the most important economies in the EU area.

Relocate to Curacao with your family in 2024

Family members are allowed to take part in the Curacao residency by investment program. Therefore, as the primary applicant, you may submit an application that lists your spouse and children. If you need support with the application, feel free to get in touch with our local experts.

We can also advise on other golden visa countries where immigration with family is permitted.

Why apply for Curacao citizenship through residency by investment in 2024

The Curacao investor permit scheme stands out because it offers a route to European Union citizenship. You become qualified for Dutch citizenship using this program. You also gain the right to dwell in the Netherlands after you make the investment and purchase a home on this Caribbean island.

Additionally, Curacao residents who intend to retire there may be relieved to learn that since the island is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, residence permit holders are exempt from paying taxes twice.

Investment options explained by our golden visa agents

If you choose to invest at least USD 280,000 in a business or real estate project and you commit to maintaining the investment, you will be able to qualify for citizenship in Curacao. The minimum period of maintenance is 5 years. However, the residence permit issued under this part of the scheme has a validity of 3 years.

You can also obtain a residence visa with a minimum investment of  USD 420,000 in real estate or in a company. You can then apply to become a citizen of the Netherlands after 5 years.

The best option, that enables you to qualify for an indefinite residence permit is if you invest USD838,000 in real estate or a business. After 5 years, you can apply for Dutch citizenship, just like with the earlier procedures. The alternative is to retain your golden visa and enjoy its benefits.

One of the additional advantages of the investment permit policy is that the Curacao government will accept your investment in a timely manner, allowing for a maximum decision duration of 2 weeks. In practice, though, the time fluctuates and occasionally takes months, depending upon the volume of immigration cases and other circumstances. Because of this, it is essential to rely on our professional support to ensure that your application is completed promptly using the most recent data. At just 2%, Curacao boasts one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the Caribbean. Local businesses can also take advantage of several tax breaks and other financial advantages.

Is it possible to work in Curacao based on a golden visa?

The residency by investment program in Curacao was created for high-net-worth individuals, which is why you cannot obtain a work permit if you decide to apply for the golden visa. However, those who also want to take up employment can find a local sponsor (usually, the hiring company).

If you need assistance or information on the main pathways to obtain citizenship in Curacao, you can rely on our golden visa agents.

Tax advantages of living in Curacao

There are several benefits to Curacao’s tax structure, especially for investors. Since Curaçao is a part of the Netherlands, residents can benefit from the provisions of the available double tax treaties to prevent paying taxes twice. For the purpose of obtaining citizenship, foreign national residents must live in Curacao or other Dutch territories for 9 months out of the calendar year for a period of five years. Upon taking the citizenship test, they are typically granted tax residency.

If you are interested in other golden passports, you can discuss your options with our consultants.

Real estate investment, one of the best options for moving to Curacao

Foreign nationals who buy real estate in Curaçao can become residents and eventually citizens, but they must maintain the property for the entire time and fulfill minimum investment requirements.

There are no limits on foreign buyers owning real estate, including freehold homes and land. The purchase of land followed by the construction of a building is also a popular practice in Curacao.

If you maintain your investment and follow the residency requirements, you can obtain Dutch citizenship through the Curacao golden visa program. You can enter more than 185 countries, including the US, Canada, and the UK, without a visa if you have a Dutch passport.

If you need assistance or information on the requirements of the program, contact us. Our local consultants will help you with the application process for the Curacao residency by investment and citizenship when the time comes.