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Digital Nomad Visa in El Salvador

Digital Nomad Visa in El Salvador

Foreign citizens who want to relocate temporarily to other countries have a new option: the digital nomad or remote worker visa. Many states around the world have created such programs, and among them there is also El Salvador.

If you are interested in a digital nomad visa for El Salvador, our immigration specialists explain below its requirements. We can also help you apply for a golden visa for El Salvador if you are interested in long-term residency or citizenship by investment.

Digital nomads in El Salvador

The first and most important aspect of becoming a digital nomad is qualifying for such a visa in El Salvador is to be able to work remotely. However, this is not the only category of people who can obtain it.

Here are the main requirements to obtain a digital nomad visa in El Salvador:

  1. you can work remotely while being employed by a company in another country;
  2. you can also be a student who wants to live in El Salvador for a period of time;
  3. you can be a freelancer or entrepreneur conducting his/her own business.

You should also note that there is no specific program in this sense, however, a few aspects have been put into place in order to attract applicants. For example, the remote worker visa for El Salvador has a validity of 2 years, just like those in other island states, such as Antigua and Barbuda.

If you are interested in moving here on a permanent basis though, the El Salvador citizenship by investment scheme is one of the most advantageous programs. Our local consultants will guide you through its requirements.

Documents required to obtain a remote worker visa in El Salvador

If you want to apply for a digital nomad visa for El Salvador, you should prepare the same documents as when seeking to obtain a tourist visa. This implies:

  • the valid passport;
  • a valid travel insurance;
  • proof of accommodation.

Considering that the validity of the visa is 2 years and that you will come here for work purposes, other documents that may be requested may imply the proof of income (no amount has been established yet), and a clean criminal record.

The proof of self-sustenance may depend on whether you are a student or employee.

Are you interested in working remotely from El Salvador? You can reach out to our immigration agents here for updated information on the program.

We remind you that we specialize in the golden visa program for which you need 100,000 USD and based on which you may qualify for citizenship after 5 years. This scheme is also pending approval.

Why choose El Salvador for a digital nomad visa

El Salvador is one of the Central American countries that has started developing various programs to attract investors and foreign citizens seeking to move to this part of the world. The golden passport and digital nomad visa schemes are the best examples in this sense.

With respect to the digital nomad visa for El Salvador, it is worth noting that apart from its 2-year validity, it can be renewed for 2 more years. However, there is no information yet as to relocation with family members here.

High-net-worth individuals have the choice to move to a desirable jurisdiction physically or virtually through specific programs offered by many citizenship by investment countries. They can become residents of that state with full legal rights, including the right to live, work, study, and receive healthcare there.

What it is like to live as a remote worker in El Salvador

El Salvador is a friendly country when it comes to digital nomads, as data gathered by nomadaboveandbeyond.com from those who have lived here indicates that:

  • you need approximately 700 USD for monthly living in the capital, San Salvador;
  • other expenses can require another 400 to 600 USD;
  • the average internet speed here is 25Mb/s;

It takes about 45 days to be issued a digital nomad visa in El Salvador, so if you need guidance on applying for it, please get in touch with us. We are also at your service if you decide on the citizenship by investment scheme.