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Digital Nomad Visa in Grenada

Digital Nomad Visa in Grenada

Announced in May 2021, the Grenada digital nomad visa is expected to be launched soon for a period of one year with the possibility of extension. Thus, foreign citizens who have worked or plan to work remotely can add another destination to their digital nomad visa list. Moreover, the country’s government plans on enabling a new law, namely the Remote Employment Act.

Below, our local consultants explain the main conditions of the new program. Additionally, our golden visa agents in Grenada are at the service of those who plan on relocating here on a long term.

The Remote Employment Law in Grenada

Grenada is one of the first countries in the world to regulate remote work under a specific law, even if digital nomad visas can be obtained in other states.

Grenada’s program resembles other countries digital nomad visa schemes, as it addresses those who can prove they are engaged in employment relations in their home or other states. They must also be able to work remotely from Grenada.

If you are interested in applying for a digital nomad visa in Grenada and need more information on the current state of the law, our agents can advise you. If you are looking for a destination that already has in place a program you can apply for, we recommend Antigua and Barbuda or Dominica.

Conditions to apply for a digital nomad visa in Grenada

The remote worker visa for Grenada is available for persons who meet specific conditions, among which:

  • those who can prove they have a minimum annual income of USD 37,000;
  • they must also have clean criminal records;
  • they must submit proof of activities in other countries than Grenada.

If you intend to apply for this visa, our experts can offer more information on the application procedure.

We are also at your disposal if you want to apply for citizenship by investment in Grenada or in other golden visa countries.

Documents to apply for a remote worker visa in Grenada

The list of documents to file for obtaining a Grenada digital nomad visa is not comprehensive, which makes the application procedure quite simple:

  • the valid passport;
  • proof of minimum income under the form of a bank statement;
  • health insurance policy;
  • clean criminal record released in one’s home country.

One of the advantages of this program is that the government also plans to create support centers through which remote workers can obtain guidance on how to make the most of their time here, thus discovering Grenada as a tourist destination.

With respect to the application fees, these vary on whether the applicant comes alone or with his/her family. A single person must pay a fee of USD 1,500. Considering family immigration is also possible, for the main applicant plus 3 family members, the fee is USD 2,000. Per each additional member, USD 200 must be paid.

It should also be noted that the digital nomad visa in Grenada has a one-year validity and can be renewed.

Golden visa countries target high-net-worth individuals because they help them broaden market access, boost business opportunities, and increase certain economic sectors such as real estate. Investors also have to benefit from various advantages when obtaining such visas, among which asset protection is one of the most important.

Why move to Grenada through the digital nomad visa?

Grenada is a very accessible country to live in, which makes it a great destination for digital nomads. Here are the main living costs in Grenada:

monthly rental costs range between USD 300 on the outskirts of the capital and a little over USD 500 in the center;

  • utilities cost around USD 120 per month;
  • the median internet speed is 60 Mbps;
  • a meal for 2 in a restaurant can cost a little over USD 70.

Also, the average monthly salary here is approximately USD 910.

If you decide to apply for a digital nomad visa in Grenada and need support, please contact us. We are at your disposal if you want to buy a golden visa here.