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Digital Nomad Visa in Vanuatu

Digital Nomad Visa in Vanuatu

Foreign persons interested in applying for a digital nomad visa in Vanuatu should note that the country does not have a specific program targeting remote workers. On the other hand, the government here enables most foreigners to apply for visitor visas upon arrival. For some overseas nationals, it is also possible to enter Vanuatu without a visa. The stay, however, is limited to 30 days.

If you are a remote worker seeking to obtain a digital nomad visa for Vanuatu, our local specialists can offer various options for you to carry out your activities from here. You can also address us if you want to obtain a golden visa for this country, as we specialize in this type of immigration.

Formalities to comply with as a digital nomad in Vanuatu

If you are interested in obtaining a digital nomad visa in Vanuatu, the main advantage is that you won’t have to complete the usual formalities imposed in other countries. For example, you are not required to indicate proof of minimum income which can be substantial in certain countries, such as in the case of Grenada.

You will need to file for your visa at least 2 months before arrival, while the minimum validity of your passport must be at least 6 months.

The concept of remote worker in Vanuatu

Remote workers can be found nowadays everywhere in the world, which is why this concept is also present in Vanuatu. However, the local government has not created the legal framework for this type of visitor yet. Since digital workers can move around spending a limited time in one place, and Vanuatu is a well-reputed tourism destination, those who can complete their activities on the go can secure visitor or e-visas for this purpose.

Even if there is no option for a digital nomad visa for Vanuatu, there are certain advantages when traveling here as a simple tourist while enjoying a vacation and performing your work from here.

If you have already been here and have the country the ideal location for a permanent move, we can help you apply for citizenship by investment in Vanuatu. We are also at your service if you are interested in other golden passport options.

What does it mean to be a remote worker in Vanuatu?

When obtaining a digital nomad visa for another country, the main aspects to be considered are:

  • you will only be able to perform your activities for a company registered in another country;
  • you cannot obtain any income in the country you work from, as it would make you a tax resident in the respective country;
  • your stay there will be limited to the validity of the visa (most countries enable a one-year remote worker visa).

In light of these aspects, becoming a digital nomad in Vanuatu will basically mean the same thing, with one exception: the stay here can be shorter. Visitor visas usually have a validity of 30 days. However, it is also quite simple to travel here.

Should you consider applying for a golden visa for Vanuatu or moving here through other pathways, you should note that permanent residency can be obtained after 3 years.

We can also advise on other citizenship by investment countries if you want to move from your home state permanently. You can opt for residency in countries such as Costa Rica or direct citizens in others such as St. Kitts and Nevis. Find out the option that suits you the most by requesting the advice of our consultants.

Visa facilities for Vanuatu

Even if it is not possible to obtain a digital nomad visa in Vanuatu, here are the main facilities associated with traveling to this country based on a visitor visa, according to a site dedicated to remote workers:

  • citizens of approximately 80 countries can enter Vanuatu visa-free;
  • visa on arrival is available for around 30 countries in the world;
  • there is also the possibility of applying for e-visas for citizens of 20 countries up to this moment.

Citizens of 65 countries need to apply for usual visitor visas, and if you want to know if you are among them, contact us. Our golden visa agents are at your service if you want to move to Vanuatu through an investment. We can also provide updated information on the digital nomad visa in Vanuatu.