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Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship

Easiest Countries to Get Citizenship

Obtaining a second passport or relocating to another country through investment is now possible in many states around the world, however, Europe remains a preferred choice for many entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals.

When choosing a country to which is easy to migrate, there are several aspects to consider, which is why our specialists in the golden visa program have prepared a small guide on the easiest countries to get citizenship in Europe.

We invite you to talk to our agents and find out which country suits best your needs when it comes to buying a golden visa. We can also help you with the procedure of obtaining golden visa/citizenship by investment in any country of your choosing.

What are the easiest European countries to obtain citizenship in 2022?

This is one of the many questions our advisors get all the time. Even it is easy to name a few European countries in which citizenship is easy to obtain citizenship, it is more important for those countries to match the migrant’s expectations.

At the moment, some of the easiest citizenship by investment countries in Europe according to reliable international surveys are:

  • Cyprus which was rated many times as one of the easiest countries to migrate to as a foreign investor;
  • Malta which is one of the most appreciated countries in Europe when it comes to citizenship programs;
  • Ireland which is one of the most prolific European and EU economies and attracts a great number of investors every year;
  • Portugal which is one of the most appealing citizenship by investment destinations in Europe.

We can also help those interested in the golden visa program or citizenship by investment in other European countries in 2022.

Buying a golden visa in Cyprus

By far, the easiest country to get citizenship in Europe is Cyprus. With years of experience behind, the legislators in Cyprus have worked in the past few years in making the country very appealing to foreign investors and succeeded. One of the reasons it succeeded for was the citizenship by investment program they enabled.

Those who want to obtain golden passports in Europe by buying a golden visa in Cyprus can rely on the support of our local agents.

Our agents can guide foreign citizens interested in golden visa countries in 2022.

Obtaining citizenship by investment in Malta

Another easy country to get a golden visa/citizenship by investment in Europe is Malta. Just like Cyprus, Malta is a small country that relies on foreign investments in a large proportion. At the moment, Malta is one of the easiest countries to get citizenship in Europe thanks to the number of residence and citizenship by investment programs.

Those who want to move to Malta and obtain citizenship by investment in Europe must consider the following:

  1. investments must be made in 3 different areas: real estate, government bonds and to the National Development and Social Fund;
  2. 650, 000 euros must go to the Maltese National Development and Social Fund;
  3. at least 350,000 euros must be invested in the purchase of a real estate property in Malta;
  4. at least 16,000 euros per year must be invested in the rental of a property in Malta;
  5. at least 15,000 euros is the amount which must be invested in government-issued bonds.

If you decide to buy a golden visa in Malta, you can rely on us for full assistance during the procedure. We can also assist with applying for golden passports in other destinations.

Obtain citizenship in Europe by moving to Ireland

Among the golden visa countries that offer interesting citizenship by investment opportunities in Europe is Ireland. Many investors consider Ireland as the easiest country to get citizenship in Europe because of the many investment options they have. The minimum amount to invest in order to obtain citizenship by investment in Ireland is 1 million euros.

Portugal – one of the most beautiful countries to obtain European citizenship in

One of the easiest countries to get citizenship in Europe is Portugal. Those who want to buy golden visas for Portugal need to invest at least 500,000 euros in real estate property or projects which benefit the economy.

Portugal is also appreciated for being one of the safest countries in Europe.

Choosing a country to apply for citizenship in 2022

There are several citizenship by investment countries around the world and this trend is maintained in 2022, which is why making a decision can be hard. Foreign citizens from EU countries can decide on the UK and its citizenship by investment scheme in 2022, or they can go for other options, such as Spain and Portugal. Also, Greece can also be considered for a golden visa in 2022. 

When deciding on the country to move to in 2022, the financial requirements and the relocation procedure are among the most important aspects to consider.

If you have decided on your easiest country to get citizenship in Europe, do not hesitate to contact us and start the formalities for buying a golden visa.