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Golden Visa in Ireland

Golden Visa in Ireland

The Golden Visa program in Ireland is available for non-EU citizens and investments of a minimum EUR 1 million. The main requirements for obtaining the golden visa in Ireland can be explained by our local lawyers in Ireland. Also, they can provide legal counseling at the time of application, in order to have a clear idea about the implications of such type of visa.

With a vast experience, our golden visa specialists can help foreign citizens who want to relocate through this program in various countries in Europe and around the world. We can advise if you want to apply for golden passports in other states.

Golden Visa replaced by the Start-up Entrepreneur Program

The Irish government launched the Start-up Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) in 2012 to enable creative business owners to apply for authorization to set up shop and live in Ireland full-time. At the level of 2024, it remains the only option for investors who want to move to Ireland and apply for residency by investment followed by citizenship.

To be eligible for STEP, you must:

  • have a clear criminal record;
  • possess the necessary €50,000 in financing
  • come up with a creative business idea.

Electronic applications for the Start-up Entrepreneur Program are accepted at any time. Please be aware that an evaluation committee reviews suggestions included in applications every quarter.

The Residence by Investment Scheme in Ireland

The Irish Golden Visa program was first launched in 2012 and it had great success. In 2013, the government has made several changes in the program to enhance it. This is how now, 6 years later, Ireland has one of the most prolific Golden Visa programs in Europe. A golden visa in Ireland is available for non-EU citizens and it grants permanent residency in this country if a minimum investment of EUR 1 million is made in the real estate sector. The Golden Visa Program in Ireland was introduced with the purpose of sustaining the investments in this country.

Below, we present you with the current investment options foreign citizens have under the new and improved Golden Visa Scheme. If you want to buy a golden visa in other European countries, our agents are at your disposal for support.

We can offer additional information on other citizenship by investment countries.

What are the main requirements for a Golden Visa for Ireland at the level of 2024?

A golden visa grants the permanent residence in Ireland and it is issued under certain conditions, as follows:

  • a clear criminal record is mandatory at the time of visa application in Ireland;
  • at least EUR 1 million invested in the real estate sector in Ireland is necessary when applying for a golden visa in Ireland;
  • a statement proving the good character of the investor and issued by the authorities in the country of origins is one of the conditions;
  • information about the source of investments for Ireland should be provided.

Besides the above-mentioned conditions for obtaining a golden visa in Ireland, investors need to demonstrate that their personal incomes sum up a minimum of EUR 2 million. We invite you to talk to our team of lawyers for complete legal assistance when applying for a golden visa in Ireland. If you want to buy a golden visa in Ireland or if you are interested in citizenship by investment, we invite you to address to our advisors.

We can also offer support to people who want to apply for golden passports in other parts of the world.

Golden Visa in Ireland

Investment options under the Irish Golden Visa Program

Foreign citizens from non-EU countries can relocate to Ireland under very advantageous conditions and among these, there is also the possibility of choosing the type of investment they want to make. This is because, under the new Residence by Investment Program, the following options are available:

  1. investment in an Irish company (the minimum amount required is 1 million euros for at least 3 years);
  2. investment in a government-approved investment fund of at least 1 million euros for a minimum period of 3 years;
  3. investment in a real estate investment fund (REIT) of at least 2 million euros for a minimum period of 3 years;
  4. endowment or donation to a philanthropical project of at least 500,000 euros is also possible.

In 2024, Ireland is one of the most sought European relocation destinations for non-EU high net worth individuals and the investment options available under the Golden Visa Scheme are some of the most appealing when discussing EU residency or citizenship.

The golden visa program is one of the most appealing in Europe.

Business investment under the Golden Visa in Ireland

As mentioned above, one of the conditions for obtaining a Golden Visa in Ireland is to invest at least 1 million euros in a company. However, this company must meet certain qualifying criteria in order for the investment to be accepted. These criteria imply:

  • for the company to be an existing one or to be registered by the investor prior to arrival;
  • the company must be registered in Ireland or have its headquarters in Ireland;
  • the company must help the Irish economy by maintaining existing jobs and/or creating new ones.

Also, the applicant must make the investment in his/her own name, not through another company. In other words, the shareholder entering the Irish company must be a natural person. It is also good to know that the applicant is not allowed to purchase shares traded publicly in order to participate in an existing company.

It is possible for the candidate for the Irish Golden Visa to buy a property in order to live in. The property cannot be rented to third parties for the minimum period of 3 years. So, if you decide to buy residence by investment in Ireland in 2024, our agents can help you.

We can help you select a suitable golden visa program.

Investment funds options under the Golden Visa Scheme in Ireland

Those who want to invest in funds approved by the government have various options at their disposal. However, it is important to know that the investment fund must have been pre-approved for the Golden Visa Program and must be private equity or venture capital fund. Also, the minimum size of the fund must be 20 million euros.

When it comes to REIT funds accepted under the Irish Investor Visa program in 2024, the fund must invest in real estate properties only and must respect the double avoidance taxation requirements.
It is good to know that this option is seldom employed as it addresses professional investors.

If you want to buy a golden visa in another country and need advice on how to choose the best country in accordance with your investment options, our specialists can guide you.

Among all golden visa countries, Ireland is one of the most sought.

Donation options under the Irish Residence by Investment Scheme

Relocating to Ireland through a Golden Visa based on a donation is one of the cheapest options of immigrating to Europe. For this purpose, the applicant can donate to any project in sports, art, culture or education, while the minimum amount of money to be donated is half a million euros.

No matter the choice of the investor, all golden visa applications are accepted by the Irish Department of Justice and Equality. The procedure usually spans over one month, however, it is important to note that there are 5 times per year in which such applications are received.

The residence permit issued under the Golden Visa Program has a 2-year validity period and can be renewed by submitting evidence that the investment has been maintained. The extension of the visa will be granted for another 3 years. Applicants can also bring family members with them under the Irish Golden Visa Program

At the level of 2024, the golden visa/citizenship by investment scheme is expected to attract more foreign citizens seeking to obtain EU residency, after the UK has left the Union. If you plan on applying for a golden visa in Ireland in 2024, our agents can provide you with detailed information about the procedure.

Many European citizenship by investment countries enable unrestricted travel for up to 3 months in any 6 months in Schengen nations. However, before being granted these benefits, you need to choose the golden visa country in accordance with the imposed requirements, as well as your relocation plans. In this sense, you can rely on us for consultancy.

Contact us for details on other golden visa countries.

The benefits of a Golden Visa in Ireland

The golden visa/citizenship by investment in Ireland granted permanent residency for five years, with the possibility of renewing it after this period. The family members of the investors have the same rights to establish in Ireland, under the rules and advantages of the golden visa program. Also, children have the possibility of attending prestigious colleges and educational institutions in Ireland. It is good to know that EUR 1 million can be refunded to investors who accessed the Irish Diaspora Loan Fund (IDLF), the investment fund regulated by the Central Bank in Ireland.

Extension of residence permits in Ireland

Your Irish resident visa may be extended for an extra three years of validity 3months before it expires. To be successful in this extension, you must first show that your investment is still eligible and has not been divested. You must also show that you are still in good moral standing and have maintained your financial stability.

Once you have had your residency visa for 5 years, you are eligible to renew it for another 5 years each time as long as you can continue to show evidence of your moral character and financial stability. If you have kept your permission for 5 years and have been an Irish tax resident throughout that time, you may also apply for citizenship.

Please feel free to contact our team of lawyers in Ireland if you want to buy a golden visa in Ireland. Please get in touch with for details on other citizenship by investment countries.