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Golden Visa in Paraguay

Golden Visa in Paraguay

If you are interested in moving to South America, the Paraguay golden visa program may be a good option. The scheme offers with permanent residency and is cheaper compared to other destinations and comes with various advantages.

If you want to buy a golden visa, our specialists in Paraguay can also inform you about the living requirements for obtaining citizenship. Until then, let’s see what residency by investment in Paraguay entails.

Options to enter the golden visa program in Paraguay

First of all, it is worth noting that the Paraguayan permanent residency by investment scheme addresses several categories of immigrants, namely:

Our local consultants will advise on a case-to-case basis and help you choose a suitable option.

Investment requirements for the residency program in Paraguay

Paraguay’s residency by investment program targets both investors through the 2013 Unified System of Opening and Closing Companies (SUACE) and foreign citizens moving here for leisure.

Here are the amounts of money associated with each option:

  • as an investor, you need to open a company with a minimum capital of USD 70,000, however, the amount must be accumulated during a 10-year period;
  • as a retiree, having a minimum monthly pension of approximately USD 1,300 (or the equivalent of 10 minimum monthly wages) will help you enter Paraguay’s golden visa;
  • you can also opt to open a bank account in which you deposit at least the equivalent of 35 minimum monthly wages (approximately USD 4,500).

No matter the pathway you choose, the application will be filed with the Ministry of Exterior. You can rely on our local agents for support in gathering the necessary documents.

Documents required to apply for residency by investment in Paraguay

The list of documents you need to draft in order to be accepted into the golden visa scheme for Paraguay implies:

  • proof of economic solvency, meaning a bank statement indicating the required amount for the selected category;
  • company incorporation documents (if you have chosen to enter the Paraguayan residency by investment scheme as an entrepreneur);
  • police clearance;
  • proof of legal entry in Paraguay (you will need to check if you need an entry visa, depending on your country of origin);
  • a declaration confirming you will respect the local laws;
  • a health certificate.

In the case of investors who want to open companies in Paraguay, the bank statement must contain a minimum amount of approximately USD 9,000 to be accepted into the program.

Immigration steps and procedure

If you have decided to apply for a golden visa in Paraguay, you will need a timeline and details about the application procedure. Here is what to expect:

  • you must first verify your eligibility for the program (we would want to highlight the financial requirements for sustaining your stay in Paraguay from this point of view);
  • gather the necessary documents based on your option (we can assist in this case);
  • file for residency by investment in Paraguay (the waiting period may vary from one to 6 months for approval);
  • get your visa, if you were accepted, and move to the country.

You can also relocate with family members, among which the spouse and minor children against additional fees. Other relatives are also accepted.

We remind you that you can apply directly for permanent residency by investment in Paraguay, but you will have to wait to get citizenship. If you are interested in the second option, our agents can present you with an interest in citizenship by investment countries.

Feel free to contact us and start preparing for your relocation to Paraguay now!