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Golden Visa in Uruguay

Golden Visa in Uruguay

Uruguay does not have a designated program through which investors can obtain citizenship. However, it has a Golden Visa scheme for those interested in permanent residency upon arrival. There are also specific conditions to meet in order to secure Uruguayan residency by investment.

Below, our golden visa agents in this country explain the conditions for applying for permanent residency by investment in Uruguay. We are at your disposal with legal solutions if you want to relocate there through this scheme.

Conditions of Uruguay’s golden visa program

If you are interested in Uruguayan permanent residency by investment, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • you must open a company in which you invest at least USD 2.25 million or its equivalent in UYU;
  • you must also create at least 15 jobs during its first year of existence;
  • the alternative is to acquire real estate worth at least USD 525,000;
  • you must also spend at least 60 days per year in the country.

A minimum monthly income of USD 1,500 is also required to enter the program.

There are also two more alternatives. They imply obtaining ordinary residency in Uruguay, meaning:

  • having spent at least 183 days in a calendar year;
  • having other vital interests in Uruguay, such as family members who live here.

If you are interested in also obtaining a golden passport in Uruguay, you must live here until the minimum number of years to obtain citizenship is met.

We also have agents in other parts of the world if you are interested in direct citizenship by investment countries.

Documents required to obtain permanent residency in Uruguay

The list of documents to obtain a golden visa in Uruguay is not extensive and must include:

  • a valid passport with or without a visa stamp (depending on the country of origin);
  • valid health insurance and vaccination certificate (if required);
  • birth certificate;
  • police clearance;
  • proof of minimum income;
  • proof of residential address in Uruguay;
  • recent photographs;
  • a receipt indicating the payment of the application fee.

Additionally, if you want to apply for permanent residency by investment in Uruguay and intend to settle here with your family, you must also prepare:

  • the marriage certificate;
  • travel documents for the other family members;
  • valid passports of the other family members;
  • health insurance for each dependent.

Applications must be submitted with the National Immigration Directorate within the Ministry of Interior.

You can rely on our local agents if you want to join this golden visa program and need assistance in drafting the necessary documents.

Uruguayan golden visa application processing times

The great advantage of moving to Uruguay through the residency by investment program is that it can you can obtain immediately. Once you file the documents, you can expect them to be processed in 1 to 3 months.

The interesting fact is that you can also obtain Uruguayan citizenship after a shorter period if you move and decide to live here with your family. While there are also other golden visa countries to offer such an advantage, Uruguay is regarded as one of the most appealing destinations to live in South America.

Access to citizenship in Uruguay

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of Uruguay’s golden visa is that even if it is a permanent residence by investment scheme, it enables you to:

  • secure citizenship after 5 years if you are a sole applicant;
  • obtain a passport after 3 years for you and your spouse, if you move here as a couple.

The same 3-year facility is also available if you move with your children.

If this program has caught your eye and you want to know more about it, please contact our golden visa consultants for a detailed overview and support in accessing it.