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Golden Visa in USA

Golden Visa in USA

Foreigners looking to invest in USA can benefit from a series of advantages through the golden visa program. This is known as the EB5 visa or the green card investment which is granted for investors after two years from the date they introduced their investments in USA. Businesspersons interested in obtaining the EB5 visa in USA should seek advice from our local team of lawyers in USA.

The US golden visa program is one of the oldest in the world. Also, there are no other citizenship by investment countries offering the same immigration conditions as the USA.

What is an EB5 visa?

An EB5 visa is actually the green card obtained through investments in USA and granted after two years, depending on the investments made and other factors. Here are a few details about the EB5 scheme and requirements in USA for foreigners looking to invest in this country:

  • there are only 10,000 EB5 visas per year granted for foreigners in USA;
  • 5,000 EB5 visas per year are reserved for the regional centers;
  • an EB5 visa is granted depending on the personal situation of an individual, and on the type of investment made;
  • once the EB5 visa is released, foreigners can think of applying for USA citizenship with the condition of having a permanent residency for at least 5 years.

If you would like to know more about the golden visa program in USA or the EB5 visa as it is known, we suggest you direct your questions to our team of lawyers. The legal aspects can be explained by our team of advisors. We cal offer more information on the golden visa/citizenship by investment scheme.

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Golden Visa in USA

When does an EB5 visa is granted in USA?

If you want to immigrate to America and have a sizable quantity of money, investment immigration is the best choice for you. How much money will be needed in 2023 to enter America? The minimum investment in the United States has increased to $900,000 after accounting for inflation if it will be used to finance a permitted development through a regional center and into a Targeted Employment Area (TEA). The minimum investment required if the investment is made in a company outside of a TEA or in a regional center outside of a TEA is USD $1,000,000. An EB5 visa is granted for foreigners who decide on $1 million in investments in USA and create at least 10 jobs in their companies.

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The benefits of an EB5 visa in the USA in 2023

The EB5 visa comes with a green card in USA and allows foreigners to live, study and work in USA. The permanent residence visa in USA is granted with this kind of visa. The minimum investment of $500,000 grants the EB5 visa and comes with a series of benefits for the family of the investor, meaning that each member can receive the green card. Such a status offers the possibility of attending any prestigious college in USA, to top universities anywhere in the country.

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Why apply for a golden visa in USA in 2023?

The investor, the golden, or the EB-5 Immigrant Investor visa targets people and their families (spouses and children under 21 years of age) who want to make an investment in a commercial enterprise in the US in 2023. One of the greatest advantages of relocating to the US through a golden visa/citizenship by investment in 2023 is that permanent residence can be obtained quite quickly.

The procedure of applying for golden passports in USA in 2023 implies filing the necessary documents online with the immigration authorities. Our specialists can offer more details on how to prepare for this procedure.

We invite you to contact our law firm in USA and find out more about the golden visa program and particularly about the ways in which you can obtain the EB5 visa through investments.