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How to Obtain European Union Citizenship

How to Obtain European Union Citizenship

The European Union is very appealing thanks to the unified legislation system which makes it easier for entrepreneurs to understand and use when setting up companies here. Moreover, most EU countries have enabled citizenship by investment programs through which non-EU foreign businesspersons and high net worth individuals can acquire European Union citizenship.

Below, our specialists in the golden visa program provide some useful information on how to obtain European Union citizenship. We can help you apply for citizenship by investment in some of the world and EU’s quoted countries.

What are the countries in which EU citizenship can be obtained in 2024?

One of the best aspects of being an EU member state is that the legislation available at the entire Community level has inspired many countries to enable a golden visa program.

Those who want to buy a golden visa and obtain European Union citizenship can choose any of the countries mentioned below:

  1. Cyprus which is one of the oldest EU countries to enable a golden visa program for non-EU high net worth individuals;
  2. Malta is which is one of the most performant small countries within the European Union;
  3. Ireland which will remain in the European Union even after the United Kingdom will exit the EU;
  4. Greece which has been on the map of citizenship by investment programs for some time now;
  5. Portugal which is one of the most appealing golden visa destinations in the entire Europe, not just the EU;
  6. Spain which offers many advantageous conditions for those interested in immigrating in order to obtain EU citizenship by investment and obtain golden passports;
  7. Italy which just like Spain is very appealing for investors interested in obtaining EU citizenship under advantageous conditions.

Even if the UK is about to exit the European Union, our agents can help you buy a golden visa/citizenship by investment here in 2024.

Other countries which have implemented EU citizenship by investment programs are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

You can rely on our golden visa consultants if you want to acquire European citizenship by investment in one of the countries in the enumeration above.

European Union member countries’ conditions for citizenship by investment

European Union member states individually provide European golden visas. They allow foreign investors to obtain a temporary residence visa that may be extended as long as the investment, which is frequently made in real estate, is upheld. These allow travel throughout the Schengen area without a visa. Your required investment will depend on the package you select. For instance, the sum in Portugal is €280,000 plus costs. The minimal amount needed to invest in real estate in Spain is €500,000. Every EU golden visa scheme has its own specifications and costs. If you get in touch with us, we’ll tell you more about the specifics.

An important aspect to consider when seeking to obtain EU citizenship by investment is that the European Parliament has issued various documents with respect to the policies enabled by member states offering these programs.

The Parliament includes here all the programs which provide for citizenship or residence by investment schemes in order for foreign business people and high net worth individuals to understand that they can acquire golden passports, not only a member state’s citizenship.

These programs usually target:

  • they target foreign citizens from non-EU countries only (this was the main reason for the creation of such programs);
  • the individual applying for EU citizenship must make a significant investment in return for residency or citizenship;
  • the investments take various forms, in accordance with the country’s specific regulations in this sense;
  • the procedure to be completed for obtaining citizenship by investment is clear and has strict regulations with respect to the provenience of the funds;
  • some programs do not impose the applicants to live in the country they want to obtain citizenship in.

Citizenship by investment countries have its own regulations in relation to the type of investment to be made and whether it must be an active or passive one.

If you are interested in obtaining European Union citizenship by investment in a specific country, our golden visa advisors can offer personalized support in the matter.

Our consultants can also help those who want to buy golden visas in other countries, such as the United States.

Investments available for European Union citizenship in 2024

Golden visa countries have the liberty of imposing their own regulations with respect to the amount of money and the types of assets to invest in, governments know it is in their best interest to offer advantageous conditions.

Most of the EU countries offering citizenship by investment schemes provide for investments to be made in real estate, in government-issued or approved financial instruments, creating new businesses or investing in existing ones.

Obtaining European Union citizenship in 2024 often implies creating jobs and supporting the economy of a country.

Among the advantages of citizenship by investment countries is the possibility of visa-free travels in all the states of the Union and the Schengen area and the possibility of immigrating with family members.

The most prolific EU countries in 2024

Choosing a state to relocate and apply for European Union citizenship in 2024 can be difficult, as most countries are expected to recover and start welcoming foreign applicants. It can be difficult to decide for one country, however, what is important to note is that moving to one EU country will lead to EU citizenship. 

Families, businesspeople, and investors are choosing to live in Malta in large numbers. It is the perfect place for foreign investment because of its advantageous location, excellent standard of living, and stable political environment.

Renting a home or purchasing real estate are the two accepted methods for earning the right of residence through investment in Malta.

The minimum sum of money must be invested:

  • EUR350,000 for the remainder of Malta or EUR300,000 for the purchase of a home in Gozo or the southern part of Malta;
  • EUR 10,000 for a rental home in Gozo or the southern part of Malta, or EUR12,000 over the entire island.

If you are considering applying for golden visa/citizenship by investment in 2024, you can rely on the advice of our agents.

If you are interested in obtaining European Union citizenship, do not hesitate to contact us. Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send them to us.