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How to Obtain Investor Visa

How to Obtain Investor Visa

Foreign citizens interested in starting new businesses in other countries have several choices, however, one of the most common ones is applying for investors visas in the states in which such programs exist. Luckily, a great number of countries have begun enabling investor programs which are also known as citizenship by investment or golden visa schemes. The first golden visa program in their actual forms were created in 2006 and ever since, more and more government have started creating such programs as incentives for foreign investors, but also as a substantial help for the economy.

Below, our specialists in immigration through golden passports explain how to obtain an investor visa in various countries. We can also help those interested in obtaining investor residence permits in various countries around the world.

General information on investor visa programs

Obtaining an investor visa is accessible to foreign citizens in every country, as long as they meet the requirements imposed by the country in which they want to relocate. The investor visa can be obtained by making a significant investment in a country. The investments can usually take various forms, however, there are a few criteria to be respected:

  1.           most of the times, the investor is required to open a new company or invest in existing companies approved by the government;
  2.           the investment can have as a main goal the creation of a minimum number of jobs in that country;
  3.           the investment can also take other forms, such as donations or the purchase of government-approved bonds;
  4.           the investment can also be made by purchasing real estate property and holding it for a minimum period of time;
  5.           investments in specific projects or industries are also allowed in certain countries (most of the times in European countries).

It is important to note that even if most investor visa programs resemble, each country imposes its own particularities. The advantage of obtaining an investor visa resides in the fact that the foreign citizen can choose the country he or she wants to invest in.

Our immigration agents can help foreign investors who want to buy a golden visa in some of the most appreciated countries based on the programs they developed.

An immigration program known as a Golden Visa enables wealthy people to obtain a residence permit or even citizenship in another nation by making a sizable donation, making an investment, or purchasing a home there. Investment possibilities vary by nation and can cost anywhere from USD 250,000 to millions, depending on the golden visa countries taken into consideration.

What are the best countries to obtain investor visas in?

There have been many reports and indexes to rank countries all over the world based on the citizenship by investment programs they have created, and most of the feedback came from those who succeeded to obtain investor visas in various countries.

Among the top countries which have obtained high scores for their golden visa/citizenship by investment program are:

  •           Malta, which ranked first for many years and which still remains the most appreciated country in the world for such a program;
  •           Cyprus which is one of the first citizenship by investment countries in the world;
  •           Portugal is another European country which is appreciated for how quick an investor visa can be obtained;
  •           the United Kingdom which has enabled the Tier 1 Visa for Investors program under which investors from all over the world can migrate to the UK;
  •           the United States of America which has one of the oldest investor visa programs in the world – it dates back in 1990.

The oldest golden passports in the world, however, were enabled by Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Canada in 1986.

Those who want to apply for an investor visa can ask for the support of our specialized agents who can offer guidance for entering various golden visa countries around the world.

Documents required to obtain an investor visa

Most of the times, the documentation required when applying for an investor visa implies the preparation of a file which will contain the personal information of the applicant and the investment project. The applicant will also be required to demonstrate he or she is financially capable of investing the amount of money requested under the program and to submit proof that the money has been obtained legally.

It is important to note that thorough verifications of the applicants are made by each government of the golden visa countries.

The advantages of obtaining an investor visa

There are many advantages linked to obtaining a golden visa/citizenship by investment. The most important ones relate to the fact the applicant can bring family members along, can obtain permanent residence or, in certain cases, can obtain citizenship by investment. The possibility of traveling to other countries free of any other visas is also an advantage of obtaining an investor visa.

For detailed information and assistance in applying for an investor visa in your country of choice, please contact us. We can assist in buying golden visas in citizenship by investment countries.