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Immigrate from Russia to Antigua

Immigrate from Russia to Antigua

In 2019, Russia was added to Antigua and Barbuda’s list of exempt countries in terms of entry visas. Now, Russian citizens who want to come to Antigua and Barbuda no longer need to apply for visas. This does not mean that when seeking to immigrate here on a long term, they don’t need residence permits, as they do. Another option is the golden visa program.

If you decide to immigrate from Russia to Antigua, you can address our local specialists. We are at your disposal with various services, including support in entering one of the most desired programs: the citizenship by investment scheme.

Options that enable you to relocate to Antigua and Barbuda from Russia

Depending on the duration of stay, Russian citizens can apply directly for residence permits. Since they no longer need to apply for entry visas, it is worth noting that staying here based on a valid passport alone is possible for a maximum period of 6 months.

The other option is the citizenship by investment program which is very appealing for most of the foreigners who choose to move to Antigua and Barbuda indefinitely.

Our specialists can help you apply for this program and obtain all the benefits that come with having an Antigua golden passport.

How to immigrate from Russia to Antigua and obtain a residence permit

If you decide to relocate from Russia to Antigua, applying for a residence permit can be a good option. Once you arrived in the country, you need to live here for 4 years to obtain a permanent resident card.

Here are the main aspects to consider if you decide to relocate to Antigua from Russia through the usual residence pathway:

  1. you can obtain a residence permit for study, work or other similar purposes;
  2. this type of residence permit will usually be a short-term one;
  3. the maximum validity of a usual residence permit is 3 years;
  4. the minimum period depends on the reason of relocation, therefore, its validity remains at the discretion of the Antigua Immigration Department.

With a maximum validity of 3 years, you will need to renew your residence card at least once to qualify for permanent residency in Antigua.

Qualifying for residency in Antigua as a Russian citizen

Here are the main requirements to qualify as a resident if you decide to immigrate from Russia to Antigua:

  • as a student, you can become a residence after one year of studying here;
  • residency after one year can also be acquired through marriage;
  • as a self-employer person or sole trader, you can obtain a residence permit after 2 years of living here;
  • as an investor or entrepreneur you can gain residency based on holding a work permit for at least 2 years.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for details on the documents you need to prepare to move to Antigua from Russia. We can also offer support if you are interested in obtaining a digital nomad visa here.

Our golden visa agents can offer advice in choosing a country to move to. We are at your disposal with support in checking the eligibility conditions in citizenship by investment countries that have programs through which you can acquire residency or a passport, in accordance with your desires or financial plans.

Antigua citizenship by investment – the most sought immigration pathway

Without a doubt, if you decide to immigrate from Russia to Antigua, the quickest way to do that is by applying for a golden passport.

Here are the most important aspects to consider about moving to Antigua through the citizenship by investment scheme:

  • you will have multiple investment options, where the minimum amount can take the form of a USD 150,000 donation to the University of West Indies;
  • if you want to live here, one of the best options is real estate acquisition, where the minimum value of the property must be USD 200,000;
  • business investment of USD 1.5 million is the last and most expensive option of this program.

Choose to immigrate from Russia to Antigua with us and will help you as soon as possible. Contact us now!