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Immigrate from Russia to Dominica

Immigrate from Russia to Dominica

Russian citizens do not need visas to enter Dominica for stays of a maximum of 90 days. Those who decide to move here for a longer time must apply for one of the residence permits issued by the authorities here.

If you want to immigrate from Russia to Dominica, you have several options. No matter whether you want to apply for ordinary residency or citizenship by investment, you can request the advice and support of our local specialists. We are at your disposal if you are interested in buying a golden visa.

Residency options for people who relocate to Dominica from Russia

Moving to Dominica from Russia is not complicated as one does not need a visa to enter the country. Even if the country is best known as a tourist destination, it is also a place where most people would love to live for a longer time. For them, the following residency options are available:

  • the temporary residence permit that has a validity of 12 months and can be renewed;
  • the digital nomad visa that has a longer validity period – 18 months;
  • the permanent residence permit that can be obtained after 5 years of living here.

To all these options, one can also add Dominica’s citizenship by investment program and the work permit.

Our golden visa agents are at your disposal with complete support if you decide to immigrate from Russia to Dominica through this scheme.

Obtaining temporary residence in Dominica as a Russian citizen

If you decide to move to Dominica from Russia temporarily, the residence permit with a validity of one year is one of the best options.

In order to obtain such a permit, one must enter the country as a tourist and then apply for an extension to stay. For this purpose, you must ensure you have a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.

You should note that a temporary residence permit will not grant you the right to work in Dominica. For this purpose, a work visa must be obtained.

Among the documents to draft in order to obtain a temporary residence permit are a passport, a medical form, and two declarations sustaining the applicant has not suffered from any disease in the past 3 years.

Feel free to enquire more about the procedure with our consultants. They can advise on how you can immigrate from Russia to Dominica this way.

Our golden visa agents can offer you information about some of the most attractive citizenship by investment countries in the world. The United Arab Emirates, Dominica, St. Lucia – these are just a few names on the roster of golden visa options you can choose from. Contact us and find out the available choices right now!

How to move to Dominica from Russia based on a work permit

Compared to other neighboring countries where obtaining a work permit is subject to strict requirements, Dominica has more relaxed regulations. If you want to immigrate from Russia to Dominica this way you first need to secure an employment contract with a minimum duration of 6 months.

Among the documents to prepare and file to obtain such a work permit consist:

  • a health certificate;
  • a bank statement indicating sufficient money to support oneself until the first salary;
  • a clean criminal record;
  • the employment contract;
  • the marriage certificate, where applicable.

The Division of Labor is in charge of the relations between employers and employees in Dominica and will accept these papers.

Obtaining permanent residence in Dominica

Living for 5 consecutive years in Dominica will enable any foreign citizen to qualify for permanent residency the ordinary way. All one needs to do is renew the temporary residence permit every year.

By comparison, obtaining citizenship by investment in Dominica takes no more than 6 months which is basically the timeframe for the processing of the paperwork. In exchange, one must invest at least USD 100,000 in the form of a donation.

If you want to immigrate from Russia to Dominica, you can consider all your options, however, for a quick relocation, the golden passport is one of the most suitable solutions. Contact us for advice on how to choose the best option for you!