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Immigrate to Dominica

Immigrate to Dominica

There are several ways through which foreign citizens can immigrate to Dominica. Even if obtaining residency by employment and for other reasons is possible, most people choose the golden visa/passport by investment scheme, as it has certain benefits.

Below, our golden visa agents explain how you can move to Dominica by applying for an investor visa or by applying for an ordinary residence permit. We kindly invite you to get in touch with us and discuss your options.

Options to relocate to Dominica

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Dominica have several options, among which the following 3 are often employed:

  • employment;
  • investment;
  • family reunification.

The choice depends on various factors, among which qualifications, or investment capabilities in case of the golden visa program.

With the help of our local agents, moving to Dominica by applying for a golden passport is easier than ever, which is why we invite you to discuss this option with us.

How to move to Dominica through employment

Most of the Dominican labor force is concentrated in agriculture and tourism, while the Employment Code provides for the same working conditions as in other countries. Working hours are 8 per day in a 40-hour week, so when moving here, you will not need to make any adjustments in this sense.

Any foreign citizen who wants to immigrate to Dominica based on employment needs to obtain permission from the Labor Division. The main particularity of relocating here this way is that the minimum validity of a work visa is 12 months. The good news is that any visa issued for a minimum period of 6 months enables the holder to apply for Dominican residency.

Our immigration specialists can advise on the conditions under which you can relocate to Dominica, however, we remind you that our field of expertise implies citizenship/residency by investment assistance.

Options for investors who want to immigrate to Dominica

Moving to Dominica based on investment is a much better option for those who want to enjoy living in one of the most spectacular places in the world with an average of 2.740 hours of sunshine per year.

As the program implies investment, here are the main aspects to consider about it:

  • a minimum contribution of 100,000 USD to the Dominican Economic Development Fund;
  • real estate investment in an approved project worth at least 200,000 USD.

Even under these conditions, the Dominican golden visa program is one of the cheapest in the region. It resembles those of Costa Rica, St. Kits and Nevis, and St. Lucia.

You can also count on our agents if you are interested in other citizenship by investment countries.

Benefits of moving to Dominica under special programs

Deciding to move to Dominica is without a doubt an important decision, and when you want to take this step and relocate to another country for good, the main advantages of choosing this country are:

  • you can obtain citizenship within 6 months;
  • you can move with your close family, including parents and brothers/sisters;
  • you will obtain a passport enabling you to travel to more than 140 countries in the world;
  • you can also obtain a 10-year validity visa for the United States;
  • in the case of real estate acquisition, the investment can be recovered within 3 to 5 years if you rent it during the vacation seasons.

With respect to citizenship, the alternatives to the Dominica citizenship by investment scheme are marriage (3 years residency is required to obtain a Dominican passport), or permanent residency (5 years of living here).

If you want to immigrate to Dominica and need support, contact our golden visa consultants. They will provide you with the necessary details on how to make an informed decision.