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Citizenship by Investment in Jordan

Citizenship by Investment in Jordan

Launched a few years ago, the Jordanian citizenship by investment program was amended in 2021. The new scheme was improved with simpler requirements, which boosted interest among foreigners. Below, our golden visa specialists explain the main requirements and benefits of Jordan’s citizenship by investment scheme, as well as the procedure to obtain a passport of this country through it.

Investment options

Those interested in citizenship by investment in Jordan in 2024 can choose between several options when it comes to the pathway to obtain a golden visa passport. These are:

  • a bank deposit;
  • the acquisition of treasury bonds or securities;
  • investment in small and medium enterprises through the purchase of shares;
  • investment in a project in the area of Amman or outside it.

Each of these options comes with specific financial and maintenance requirements, as outlined below:

  • the bank deposit implies holding a minimum of USD 1 million with the Central Bank of Jordan for at least 3 years;
  • the purchase of treasury bonds worth at least USD 1 million with a maintenance period of 6 years;
  • the purchase of company shares with a minimum value of USD 1.5 million for a period of 3 years;
  • investment in a project in the Amman area with a minimum value of USD 750,000 which must also imply the creation of 20 jobs;
  • investment in a project located in areas outside Amman with a minimum value of USD 1 million and the creation of 10 jobs.

If you are interested in this program, our specialists are at your disposal with complete information about its requirements. Also, you can rely on us for guidance in choosing other citizenship by investment countries that better suit your interests. If you need to move to another country, such as Canada, and open a business there we can put you in touch with our local partners. They can help you start an LLC in Canada in just one day after you submit the required documents.

The procedure to enter Jordan’s citizenship by investment program in 2024

The application procedure to obtain a Jordanian passport by investment is completed with the Investment Commission and it implies filing a series of documents. These are:

  • valid passport;
  • proof of financial funds and their provenience;
  • a clean criminal record;
  • proof of payment of all required fees;
  • other information, depending on the type of investment.

The entire procedure takes about 6 months to complete. It is useful to know that investors can also move to Jordan with their close family members, such as spouses, children, and parents through the 2024 citizenship by investment scheme.

Important aspects to consider about citizenship by investment in Jordan

The process to enter the golden visa program in Jordan implies several stages. First, those interested are invited to file the documents with the Investment Commission which will perform the due diligence checks. Passing this step will enable applicants to select the investment pathway and continue the admission procedure.

Please note that the number of applications is capped at 500 per year. You can obtain more information on the program from our golden visa agents.

Why move to Jordan in 2024

Jordan is one of the countries to issue direct citizenship to those interested in the golden visa program. However, it also has a residency by investment scheme which enables one to secure a permanent residence permit after 10 years of living in the country and a minimum investment of USD 200,000.

Moving and becoming a citizen of Jordan comes with various benefits, among which:

  • its passport allows for free visa travel to more than 50 countries at the moment;
  • citizenship is awarded to the main applicant, but also to immediate relatives moving to Jordan with them;
  • there are no additional financial requirements when moving to Jordan through the citizenship by investment scheme.

Investors in any of the aforementioned programs may also obtain Jordanian citizenship for their families:

  • Jordanian citizenship is also awarded to the investor’s spouse, unmarried daughters, widowed or divorced daughters residing under their care, and sons who are less than 18 at the time of application;
  • male children under 30 and their families are also eligible for citizenship for investments over USD 3 million.

Jordan has a five-year residence scheme for investors who enter the real estate sector in addition to the citizenship programs:

  • regardless of how long they have lived in Jordan previously, investors are granted residency for 5 years after they buy one or more properties valued at least USD 200,000, as determined by the Jordanian Department of Lands and Survey;
  • the property or properties must be held in perpetuity without being sold or mortgaged for a minimum of 5 years.

If you need support in filing for citizenship by investment in Jordan in 2024, please contact us.