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Malta Residency by Investment

Malta Residency by Investment

Many European countries are known for their residency and citizenship by investment programs, and Malta is no exception. Foreign citizens from non-EU countries interested in relocating to golden visa countries in Europe can apply for residency by investment in Malta if they meet certain conditions and they commit to investing the requested amounts of money related to the selected option.

If you are interested in moving to Malta and obtaining residency by investmentour specialists can help you buy a golden visa for this country. Below, they explain the requirements you need to meet in order to qualify for this appreciated golden visa program.

Options for foreign citizens for the Maltese residency by investment scheme in 2024

One of the greatest advantages of moving to Malta through the residency by investment program is that applicants can choose between several options depending on the amount of money willing to invest.

Applicants have two options when moving to Malta through the residence by investment scheme:

  • property rental;
  • real estate purchase.

These must be completed by donations and governmental contributions. Our golden visa specialists in Malta are at your service with detailed information about the golden visa program and how you can successfully enter it.

Real estate rental under the residence by investment scheme

Malta is among the few citizenship by investment countries that enable golden visa applicants to relocate here by renting a property. There are specific conditions to be met, however, these are quite flexible and quite appealing.
Here are the main requirements to be met in order to obtain residency by investment in Malta by renting a property:

  • the rental contract must have a minimum value of 10,000 euros per year if the property is located in Southern Malta or the Island of Gozo;
  • if the property is located in other parts of the country, the minimum value of the contract is set at 12,000 euros;
  • the government contribution, in this case, is established at 98,000 euros;
  • a donation to an approved non-governmental organization (NGO) of 2,000 euros is also required.

One must note that in case of moving to Malta with family members, the amounts required will increase.

If you are attracted by the 2024 Malta residency by investment scheme and want to apply for it, we are at your service with detailed information. We can also help you apply for a golden visa/citizenship by investment outside Europe.

Move to Malta by residency by investment through property purchase in 2024

As mentioned earlier, real estate purchase is the second option through which foreign citizens can immigrate to Malta and obtain golden passports. For it, one needs to consider the following requirements:

  1. the minimum value of the property to purchase is 300,000 euros it if is located in Southern Malta or Gozo;
  2. its minimum value is 350,000 euros if it is located in another area of the country;
  3. the government contribution, in this case, is 68,000 euros;
  4. the donation to an NGO remains the same – 2,000 euros.

No matter your choice, you can rely on our local agents if you want to start the relocation procedure. If you are interested in another country, we have partners in other European golden visa countries, among which Spain, Portugal, Greece if you are looking for a sunny state. There are also several golden visa/citizenship by investment schemes in the Caribbeans.

Applying for Maltese residency by investment for family members

Non-EU applicants can move to Malta through the residency by investment scheme with their families who can also qualify for golden passports.

Dependants may be included in an investor’s application for a residency by investment if they fit into one of the following qualifying categories:

  • spouse or long-term partner of the primary candidate (common law marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships are acceptable types of partnerships);
  • children under the age of 18 (biological or adoptive) of the primary applicant or their spouse or partner;
  • children (natural or foster) of the primary candidate or their spouse/partner who are above the age of 18, single, and financially reliant on the primary candidate;
  • the main applicant’s parents, grandparents, husband, or partner, or any other person who is substantially reliant on them;
  • the main applicant’s adult children, whether biological or adopted, or their spouse or partner, who has a disability officially recognized by a physician.

In the case of spouses, parents, and grandparents the contribution is 7,5000 euros per member, while for children, it is set at 5,000 euros per person.

All applications are submitted with the Identity Malta Agency.

Requirements to qualify for the 2024 Malta residency by investment scheme

People have the option to permanently settle, remain, and reside in Malta thanks to the Malta Permanent Residence Program. They need to contribute to the government and invest in real estate to do this. The procedure requires capital assets of at least EUR 500,000 and lasts for about four to six months. The ability to apply for up to four generations and travel without a visa are two of the primary advantages. Also, the Gobal Residence Scheme enables people to take advantage of special tax status. It is intended for people who do not have Swiss, EU, or EAA citizenship.

In order to be eligible for this program and obtain a residence permit for Malta in 2024, one needs to meet the following requirements:

  • one must have a clean criminal record;
  • one must also have international health insurance;
  • one must submit proof of the legitimacy of the funds to invest;
  • one must also be able to financially support him/herself and dependents;
  • proof of having assets worth at least 500,000 euros is also required.

The investment must be kept for a minimum period of 5 years.

What is noteworthy about the Maltese residency by investment program is that it enables applicants to work here. However, the work permit must be obtained separately through the procedure that applies in this case.

If you want to move to one of the citizenship by investment countries in Europe, Malta can be a great destination as it will enable you to live in of the Old Continent’s most beautiful countries. Do not hesitate and contact us for guidance in applying for a golden visa for Malta in 2024.