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Obtain Citizenship by Investment

Obtain Citizenship by Investment

In the last few years, a new program caught the attention of wealthy individuals interested in moving to other countries. This program is called golden visa/citizenship by investment; however, it also goes by other names such as golden visa program or golden passports scheme.

There are many countries that have created such programs with the aim of increasing foreign direct investment (FDI) flows in their countries, but also with the intention of creating more jobs. No matter the main reason, citizenship by investment countries will have as the main scope the improvement of a country’s economic situation.

Below, our specialists in golden visas explain what citizenship by investment program is in general terms and how to enter such a program and obtain citizenship by investment. You can rely on us for assistance in obtaining citizenship in various golden visa countries around the world.

General aspects about obtaining citizenship by investment in 2024

If you are considering the option of relocating to another country, in Europe or the USA, entering a golden visa program could be a good option for you. Here is what you need to know about obtaining citizenship by investment:

  1.           it comes with many advantages, the most important one being obtaining a second passport and equal rights to those of the citizens of the respective country;
  2.           you will need to comply with various requirements imposed the government in the country you are looking to buy a golden visa;
  3.           you need to be able to dispose of a significant amount of money if you want to move to citizenship by investment countries;
  4.           there are various investments which can be made, depending on the country you want to relocate to;
  5.           the procedure related to obtaining citizenship by investment can take from a few months to even one year;
  6.           even if there are other ways to acquire citizenship in other countries, these programs are quicker and come with more benefits.

Our agents who can help you obtaining citizenship by investment in various countries can offer detailed information on a specific program if could be interested in.

What are the countries offering golden visa programs?

One of the good news about buying golden passports is that there is a great number of countries that have created such programs, among which the most renowned are Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and even the United States.  Among these:

  • Malta has one of the most appreciated golden visa programs in the world, according to recent studies;
  • Cyprus is one of the countries offering the fastest solutions for obtaining citizenship by investment;
  • Ireland is currently one of the most sought countries in the world by foreign citizens looking to relocate;
  • Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries and prolific economies in the European Union.

Our advisors can offer detailed information on all the countries which have citizenship by investment programs. We remind you that our services cover golden visa countries

Malta’s citizenship by investment program in 2024

Malta is one of the most appealing countries in Europe when it comes to obtaining a golden visa/citizenship by investment directly. This means that compared to other countries in or outside Europe, there is no need to go through the residency be investment stage in order to obtain a Maltese passport.

Malta has several programs that grant access to residence or citizenship, depending on the needs of the applicant. These can apply for citizenship by investment in accordance with the Individual Investor Program which was created for non-EU investors. Those who apply for Maltese golden visas through this program must meet certain requirements. Among these, we mention the following:

  • verification of the Maltese authorities under the fit and proper test conditions;
  • the investment requirements to the National Development and Social Fund and other objects of interest as required under the conditions of the program;
  • the living status – the candidate must have lived in Malta for at least one year prior to the application;
  • the candidate must have a good health condition which will be proved through a medical certificate.

The investment requirements that need to be met in order to obtain citizenship by investment in Malta are:

  • the contribution to the National Development and Social Fund which must amount to 650,000 euros;
  • the purchase of real estate worth at least 350,000 euros (the investment must be maintained for 5 years);
  • the rental of a property with a lease contract worth at least 16,000 euros per year;
  • the purchase financial instruments approved by the government worth at least 15,000 euros (the investment must be maintained for 5 years).

The most important advantage of obtaining citizenship by investment in Malta is that the applicant can also bring family members provided that he or she contributes to the National Development and Social Fund for each dependent as follows:

  • 25,000 euros for the spouse;
  • 25,000 euros per minor child;
  • 50,000 euros per adult child with a maximum age of 26;
  • 50,000 euros per incapacitated adult child;
  • 50,000 euros per each parent or grandparent.

Maltese citizenship by investment opens the doors to European Union citizenship to foreign citizens outside the EU area and our golden visa agents can help you apply for this program. We can also help you obtain EU citizenship through programs in other member states such as Italy, Cyprus or Portugal.

Those who qualify for a golden passport can easily obtain a second passport for themselves and their family members, or at the very least residency in golden visa countries. These forms of visas have become more popular recently, particularly those provided by nations outside Europe, where a passport or residency permit comes with a number of additional privileges, such as freedom of movement.

Obtain citizenship by investment through Cyprus’ Golden Visa scheme

Another appreciated program for obtaining citizenship by investment in Europe is the scheme developed by the Cypriot authorities. Compared to the Maltese scheme, Cyprus has the advantage of having one of the oldest golden visa schemes in Europe.

Over time, Cyprus has attracted the confidence of non-EU investors which makes it very appealing for those who want to relocate to Europe. It is good to know that in 2019, the Cyprus citizenship by investment scheme has suffered several modifications.

Cyprus offers citizenship by investment in only 6 months; thus this country’s program is one of the fastest routes to European citizenship in 2024.

Our golden visa agents can guide foreign investors who want to obtain citizenship by investment in various countries, including Greece, Spain, and even the UK.

We have also created a scheme with the main steps for obtaining citizenship by investment:

Buy Golden Visa in Spain

Conditions for obtaining citizenship by investment 

Given the fact that this article covers citizenship by investment programs in a general way, we will try to cover the aspects such schemes have in common. One of these aspects refers to the fact that the investment to be made is substantial, the minimum amount of money starting at 100,000 US dollars. The maximum amount of money can reach a few million dollars; therefore, it is safe to say that no matter the citizenship by investment program you decide for, you will need an important amount of money.

Another important aspect to consider is that you will need to prove the provenience of the money.

When it comes to the investments that can be made, these can imply purchasing real estate, purchasing government-approved bonds, donations and even capital injections in companies in the respective country. These investments must be kept for a few years.

In terms of documentation, each country will have its own assessment program and will require specific documents alongside the passport of the applicants.

With a vast experience in golden visa programs, our consultants can help you choose the one suiting your interests in 2024.

The advantages of obtaining citizenship by investment in 2024

There are many advantages related to obtaining citizenship by investment, among which free movability from country to another. This is possible especially in European countries in the EU, such as Malta, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and Cyprus. These are also the European countries attracting great numbers of investors every year.

Another advantage of a golden visa program is that you can own a property in the country you will relocate to. Most of the countries provide for such an investment option.

If you want to bring family members, you can do that through citizenship by investment program.

How to choose the country for obtaining citizenship by investment in 2024

Those who want to apply for European citizenship by investment in 2024 have various options in terms of countries. Many of them have updated their requirements and now provide for more attractive programs.

All the questions on European citizenship by investment in 2024 are answered by our experts in the respective countries, so no matter the information you need will be directly from the source. Also, if you have difficulties in making a decision, our agents can advise you.

With several options at hand, choosing a country to move to based on citizenship by investment countries can be difficult. However, the applicant can use the following tips on choosing the country:

  • the investment requirement – it depends on how much the applicant is willing to invest;
  • the possibility of bringing family members in the respective country;
  • if the country offers permanent residence and then citizenship or direct citizenship is available;
  • the possibility of starting a business.

According to a recent report issued by the European Commission:

  • in 2017, 825 400 persons residing in EU member states obtained citizenship in other EU countries;
  • Italy was the most welcoming country, accepting 146 600 persons – 18 % of the applicants;
  • the United Kingdom accounted for 15% of the total applications (123 100 individuals);
  • France and Germany accounted for 14% of all applications received;
  • a quarter of the applicants were Moroccans, Albanians, Indians, Turks, and Pakistanis.

Those who meet the requirements can apply for these golden visas anywhere in the world. Holders can benefit from various advantages like healthcare, the tax system, creating enterprises, and investments in addition to acquiring residency and even citizenship. While a golden visa is only available to a small number of individuals, it is ideal for those who desire to lead a remote or expat lifestyle without being required to look for employment overseas or submit applications for temporary digital nomad visas in countries such as Antigua and Belize.

Dominica and St. Lucia are the two programs that stand out in terms of simplified requirements.  The minimum contribution for donation schemes is just 100,000 USD, which is the lowest amount required of any program globally.  The minimum requisite for donations to Antigua and Barbuda is also at least USD 100,000 for individuals applying alone, with a spouse, or as part of a family of four. For those who wish to apply for 2 or 4 family members, it is therefore the recommended choice. It is also advised to apply for the Antigua and Barbuda program if 5 or more people meet the eligibility requirements, as the minimum donation investment choice drops to just USD 125,000 for these individuals on a single application.

If you are interested in golden passports, our specialists are at your disposal with information and assistance during the application procedure, so do not hesitate to contact us.