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Obtain Citizenship with Crypto Payment

Obtain Citizenship with Crypto Payment

First launched in 2008 and started being used in 2009, cryptocurrency is now used for various types of transactions, but also as a means of increasing one’s wealth through specific means. The latest trend that appeared in 2020 enables those interested in obtaining crypto citizenship. There are several countries where the taxation of such assets is nearly zero or very low, which makes it quite appealing when used as a means of acquiring a second passport or entering a golden visa program. One of these countries is Vanuatu.

Below, we invite you to find out how you can obtain a Vanuatu crypto passport, but also the advantages of moving here.

What does it entail to obtain crypto citizenship?

Entering a golden visa/citizenship by investment program means investing in specific assets and, in some cases, maintaining that investment for a certain number of years, be it 3, 5 or more in order to obtain citizenship. For this purpose, some countries, such as Vanuatu and Antigua and Barbuda now accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment. However, only Vanuatu has acted and enabled the actual payment with digital tokens.

In other countries, including European ones, such as Malta and Portugal, the taxation of cryptocurrency is one of the most advantageous on the Old Continent, as they do not tax such assets. These two are citizenship by investment countries.

If you want to buy a golden visa, our specialists around the world are at your disposal with information on all your options. We are at your service if you want to apply for citizenship with crypto payment.

How to obtain Vanuatu crypto passport

First of all, the Vanuatu golden visa scheme is the same as in other countries, and it implies investing in assets approved by the government. There are two options for those interested in relocating here through this scheme:

  • the support program;
  • the citizenship contribution scheme.

The main difference between Vanuatu and other neighboring countries is that the first one enables applicants to make the payment of the investment and government fees in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, hence the name of crypto citizenship.

You can ask for the support of our golden visa agents for more information on the citizenship by investment scheme in Vanuatu.

Investment options for applicants for the Vanuatu crypto golden visa program

The support program implies investing at least 130,000 USD in a government-approved National Fund. It should be noted that this amount of money is available for a single applicant. Those who want to move here with their families must consider the following:

  • crypto citizenship with the spouse implies a minimum investment of 150,000 USD;
  • relocation with the spouse and one child requires a minimum investment of 165,000 USD;
  • moving here with the spouse and two children implies an investment of at least 180,000 USD;
  • for any additional family member, 25,000 USD/per person is required.

The second option implies acquiring property to obtain a Vanuatu crypto passport, and the minimum value of the selected real estate is 200,000 USD. The property must be located in an area approved by the government. There are 4 such areas.

How to pay for a Vanuatu passport with cryptocurrency

Obtaining citizenship with crypto payment implies making the payment in the desired cryptocurrency with a resident Vanuatu agent who will convert the amount into USD and will transfer it with authorities here.

If you are interested in other golden visa countries where you can obtain crypto citizenship, do not hesitate to get in touch with our consultants.

Is it possible to use cryptocurrency to obtain a golden passport?

No, up to this moment, there is no program based on cryptocurrency as an investment option. The name of crypto passport only refers to making the payment in bitcoins or other digital tokens through authorized agents.

Why choose Vanuatu for relocation through a golden visa

The Vanuatu Government processes the golden visa application in just 30 days, which is one of the fastest processing times in the world.

Obtaining a Vanuatu crypto passport first implies obtaining permanent residency based on the golden visa scheme, followed by citizenship after 10 years of living here. In other words, citizenship can be obtained through naturalization. Having Vanuatu citizenship comes with visa-free travel to more than 127 countries.

If you are interested in obtaining citizenship with crypto payment, you can contact our specialists who will explain the steps you need to complete in order to benefit from this innovative solution of paying for your future second passport.