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Obtain Golden Visa in Italy

Obtain Golden Visa in Italy

Non-EU citizens who want to do business in Italy can apply for a visa for Italy which comes with a specific status and a series of advantages, among which permanent residency. At the moment, there is no golden visa program, but an investor visa for Italy program which is about the same if we consider the requirements imposed in countries like Cyprus, Greece or Malta. All the legal aspects related to the investor visa for Italy can be explained by our team of local lawyers in Italy.

If you need assistance in obtaining an investor visa for Italy, our golden visa specialists can help you. We can offer more details on the updated golden visa program in this country.

Alternatives to the golden visa in Italy

Foreign entrepreneurs interested in relocating to Italy for investment reasons now have several programs under which they can do that. Among these, we mention the following:

  1. the entrepreneur visa which is the simplest way in which an investor can buy a so-called golden visa;
  2.  the Start-Up Visa Scheme which is one of the newest programs launched by the Italian government in support of foreign investors
  3.  the self-employment visa which is not a program itself, however, it is a good alternative to a golden visa;
  4.  the Residency by Investment Program which is similar to other programs in EU countries, such as Spain and Portugal.

If you want to apply for a golden visa for Italy, the above-mentioned alternatives are just as good as any other dedicated program.

We can also advise foreigners on the golden visa program in neighboring countries, such as Malta and Spain.

The entrepreneur visa for Italy

Until a few years back, the entrepreneur visa was the only option for foreign investors to immigrate to Italy. It is still is a popular scheme for those interested in an alternative to a golden visa in Italy because of the relatively few requirements which need to be met, among which the lack of requisites in terms of a minimum amount of money to be invested. On the other hand, the investor must purchase an Italian company in which he or she becomes an employee (a director usually). The company must be active on the Italian market for at least 3 years.

If you need more information on the business visa, our local agents can help you acquire such a residence permit.

If you are interested in obtaining a golden visa in a country that offers such a program, our specialists can make some recommendations in countries such as Portugal and Spain.

Out of all countries that offer golden passports, Italy’s is one of the most sought.

The Italy Start-Up policy

One of the most appreciated programs for foreign investors looking to immigrate to Italy for business reasons is the Start-Up Visa Program which debuted in 2012. The requirements for obtaining such a visa is for the investors to be non-EU citizens who dispose of at least 50,000 euros for registering a company in Italy.

The greatest advantage of this program which resembles a golden visa program is that the low amount of money which needs to be invested, but also the fact that the company must operate in an innovative sector. This way, businesspersons who work in the research and development sector have great chances of setting up companies under the Start-Up Visa Scheme.

There are two ways of obtaining a visa for Italy under the start-Up Visa program: by submitting a business plan with the Evaluation Committee directly, or through a business incubator.

If you want to buy a golden visa, our consultants can help you in other countries such as Malta or Cyprus.

We can also offer to support those who want to apply for golden passports in St. Kitts and Nevis.

We invite you to read about the advantages of a golden visa in Italy below:

Obtain Golden Visa in Italy

The self-employment visa for Italy

Those who want to have their own business in Italy can apply for a self-employment visa. Just like an Italian golden visa, this type of residence permit will enable a foreign citizen to have his or her own business.

The conditions for self-employment in Italy are less stringent than those of a golden visa/citizenship by investment program which is why some investors might find it a good option.

However, if you do want to move to Italy based on a golden visa, our specialists advise you to try for one of the programs below.

Italy is one of the most advantageous golden visa countries in Europe.

What is the investor visa for Italy?

Investors from non-EU countries can benefit from the visa advantages in Italy through the residency scheme and the investments made in the real estate or in any other field. There are several conditions to obtain permanent residence in Italy through the investor visa program as follows:

  • at least EUR 500,000 should be invested in the start-up sector in Italy;
  • if a philanthropic donation of EUR 1 million is made, the non-EU citizen can obtain the permanent residency in Italy;
  • investments between EUR 300,00 and EUR 500,000 in the real estate field are accepted;
  • at least EUR 100,000 needs to be the annual income of a business person in order to apply for permanent residency in Italy.

Knowing the legal matters when applying for an investor visa for Italy may help entrepreneurs understand better the conditions imposed. Feel free to get in touch with our local attorneys in Italy for assistance.

If you need more information on other golden visa countries, you can count on our local specialists.

Which programs resembles most a golden visa program for Italy?

Out of all the visas, one can obtain for Italy, the residence by investment program and the Start-Up Visa Scheme resemble the most a golden visa program because they have similar investment conditions and advantages like the programs of other countries.

It is also good to know that there are other countries, such as Ireland, which do not have a specific golden visa program, however, their residency by investment schemes provide for various advantages and attract just as many people like other countries.

If you want to buy a golden visa, our agents can offer a list of the countries where such a program is available. Italy is one of the most frequently requested citizenship by investment countries.

Citizenship by investment in Italy

Golden visa/citizenship by investment programs are usually associated with citizenship by investment, however, it is good to know that under Italy’s Residence by Investment Scheme citizenship can be obtained by foreign investors within the same time as coming based on other investment programs. Italy is also one of the countries to offer some of the cheapest citizenships by investment in the world if we are to consider the Start-Up Visa Scheme.

Our golden visa specialists can offer detailed information on all the residency by investment programs available in Italy and in other countries that offer similar programs. If you need more information on other citizenship by investment countries, do not hesitate to write to us.

The benefits of obtaining the investor visa for Italy

Even if the golden visa in Italy is not implemented yet, there are several advantages with an investor visa for Italy, among which a permanent residence visa for five years with the possibility of renewing it. Also, if non-EU citizens have lived in Italy for at least ten years, they can apply for citizenship. Moreover, the Italian passport is issued for such types of citizens which can offer free entrance to Schengen countries. Additionally, the family members will gain the same rights in Italy, with the help of the investor visa for foreigners outside the EU.

Please feel free to contact us and find out information about how to apply and obtain the investor visa for Italy as an entrepreneur from a non-EU country from our law firm in Italy.

Although a golden visa always includes a residency permit, obtaining a passport typically requires more steps. However, you can also direct your attention to citizenship by investment countries that enable you to obtain a passport without too much hassle. For this purpose, you can rely on our agents in such countries.