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Obtain Maltese Passport by Investment

Obtain Maltese Passport by Investment

Foreign persons who are seeking for golden visa countries to move to can choose Malta because of many reasons. However, one of the most appealing could be the fact that this country offers many ways through which quick immigration is possible.

The Golden Visa program is one of the most appealing programs dedicated to non-EU citizens interested in moving to Europe, and mainly in a European Union country. This scheme comes one of the most important benefits of relocating to Malta, and that is the passport by investment.

If you are interested in this program, our golden visa agents are at your service with information and tailored services associated with obtaining citizenship by investment in Malta.

Short history of the Golden Visa program in Malta

Malta has entered the line of golden visa/citizenship by investment countries that offer the possibility of moving here based on a significant investment for many years now. Ever since, the government has created not one, but several programs under which foreign citizens can relocate here based on different requirements.

Recently, the authorities have made a few adjustments to the program through a Maltese passport by investment can be obtained in 2024.

Our golden visa consultants in Malta are at your service with information and assistance on the conditions imposed under all schemes available for relocation. Malta is one of the few citizenship by investment countries to have several golden visa schemes.

Who can apply for a golden visa in Malta?

Here are the conditions to be fulfilled by those interested in a Maltese passport by investment:

  • be a national of a third country who is not an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen.
  • must not be a citizen of any of the nations that are currently under sanctions;
  • must be able to sustain the qualifying investment for the first 5 years of their residency and have the minimum investment amount;
  • have a valid travel document and all the extra paperwork needed to apply for a Golden Visa.
  • acquire health insurance that is valid for the length of their stay;
  • be available for the program and refrain from participating in any other immigration or residence policies or programs.
  • submit evidence of their ability to support themselves and their dependents regularly and financial self-sufficiency for the period of stay;
  • own capital assets worth at least EUR500,000, of which financial assets are worth at least EUR150,000;
  • not endanger national security, public policy, public health, public safety, or the public interest.

The newest options for moving to Malta and acquiring a passport by investment

Foreign citizens and investors interested in relocating to Malta and obtaining golden passports can benefit from quicker relocation procedures under the new program which provides for the following:

1.       it is possible to obtain a residence permit in one or three years based on investment;
2.       a speedy procedure for obtaining Maltese citizenship by investment has also been created;
3.       the new scheme comes with 3 conditions that must be met simultaneously.

We remind foreign citizens that this option is available for non-EU applicants who can also bring close family members along through the golden visa/citizenship by investment program.

We can also offer guidance in obtaining residency in other European golden visa countries. So, if you want to buy a golden visa, all you need to do is get in touch with us and request detailed information.

Conditions for non-EU citizens seeking to obtain Maltese passports by investment in 2024

Those who want to enroll in the program for moving to Malta and obtaining a passport by investment must meet the following requirements:

  • they must have no criminal records or have been prosecuted for any kind of crime;
  • they must have not been denied entry in any country that has a visa-free policy with Malta;
  • they must be able to prove the source of the funds to invest is legal.

Our specialists can perform the due diligence that ensures an applicant is a good candidate for the Malta passport by investment program. We can also offer details on other citizenship by investment countries.

Investment options under the new Maltese Golden Visa scheme

One of the changes in the Golden Visa Program is that Maltese citizenship will now be granted under the Citizenship Law. This means that a foreign citizen can acquire a passport through the so-called exceptional services by direct investment.

The following options are available for those interested in acquiring residence or citizenship in Malta through this new scheme:

  • a contribution for social and economic development;
  • charity donation;
  • rental or purchase of real estate.

The applicant can choose the most suitable option, by meeting the minimum amount requirements:

  • an economic contribution of 600,000 euros can bring a Maltese passport within 3 years;
  • an economic contribution of 750,000 euros will, however, bring a Maltese passport within one year;
  • a charity donation of 10,000 euros will bring a residence permit;
  • the rental of a property with a value of 16,000 euros per year will bring a residence permit;
  • the purchase of a property with a value of 700,000 euros is also an option for a Maltese residence permit.

Our golden visa agents in Malta can explain all the conditions and benefits associated with obtaining a passport by investment.

The benefits of the Golden Visa program in Malta in 2024

The procedure is quite simple if you are migrating to Malta from an EU nation. You have the right to reside, work, and live in any other member state if you are a citizen of an EU member state. Depending on how long you plan to remain and the reason you choose to live in Malta, you must apply for a residence permit. Moving to Malta from a non-EU nation is more complicated and calls for various authorizations and licenses. Depending on your financial situation—whether you have a job in Malta, enough money to sustain yourself, or you may need to make investments locally—you may be able to access a variety of residency alternatives.

Those who want to move to Malta and obtain a passport by investment can rely on the support of our consultants if they want to relocate here with family members and enjoy benefits like visa-free travel to all EU and Schengen state, appealing taxation, education, and healthcare systems.

All documents must be filed with the Identity Malta Agency.

If you are interested in moving to Malta with the purpose of obtaining golden passports, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for tailored support and advice on how to enter the Golden Visa Scheme.