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Obtain Residency by Investment

Obtain Residency by Investment

It is possible to obtain citizenship by investment in many countries around the world through various programs, however, many of them first allow investors to obtain residency by investment. No matter the country one decides to buy a golden visa in, the advantages are the same: obtaining residency faster than in any other way.

Foreign investors considering applying for residency by investment in countries like Cyprus, Malta, the UK or even the United States can rely on our specialists who can help them buy golden passports.

Top 10 countries in which residency by investment can be acquired in 2024

The number of golden visa countries which a foreign entrepreneur or high net worth individual can obtain residency by investment is much higher, however, we decided on the top 10 most appreciated countries which have developed such programs for quite some time:

  1. the UK investor immigration program which is one of the most important residency by investment programs in the world;
  2. Belgium is also very sought by foreign citizens interested in obtaining EU residency by investment;
  3. Malta has more than one programs under which residency and citizenship by investment are available;
  4. Portugal is also among the European countries to run a successful residency by investment schemes;
  5. Spain has a similar program to Portugal, so foreign entrepreneurs will have a difficult choice between these two golden visa countries;
  6. Bulgaria is among the citizenship by investment countries which have recently entered the ranks of European countries providing for residency by investment;
  7. Cyprus is one of the oldest EU member states to enable a residency in Europe;
  8. Austria is also one of the countries which have enable a residency by investment scheme recently;
  9. Greece is also a sought country in which residency and golden visa/citizenship by investment can be acquired;
  10. The United States of America which is literally the first country in the world to have a residency by investment program.

Our specialists can help you enter the golden visa program in almost every country on our list, so we invite you to reach out to us if you need information on these programs.

What does it imply to obtain residency by investment?

There are several aspects all citizenship by investment countries have in common. Among these, the fact the investment must be made in real estate property or companies in the country chosen to immigrate to. However, there are also countries in which other investments, such as government bonds and other financial instruments are permitted. An exception to this rule is Malta, which allows foreign investors to rent properties instead of purchasing them.

If you are considering applying for a golden visa in Malta, our agents there can help you.

When deciding to enter a golden visa program in another country, the investors should keep in mind a few requirements. Among these:

  • the fact that they must submit proof of their good financial standing and that the source of money is a legitimate one;
  • most of the programs enabled by European countries are dedicated to non-EU citizens;
  • all candidates are required to pass a medical examination when entering the country they applied for residency by investment;
  • foreign citizens who want to bring other family members must also consider higher amounts of money for investment.

Some nations grant immediate permanent residency to those who invest a significant amount of money in government bonds, real estate, businesses, or R&D initiatives.

Those who choose Portugal’s residence program are granted the same rights and benefits as its residents, even with the program’s modifications.

The UAE’s investor visa, also known as the “golden visa,” allows real estate investors in Dubai to live, work, open bank accounts, launch businesses, and sponsor family members for a renewable five to ten-year residency permit. By spending USD375,000 in real estate, investors can become permanent residents of Malta; the application process takes 2 to 6 months.

The conditions for obtaining residency by investment are similar in most countries at the level of 2024, however, the applicants should pay attention to the requirements to have successful outcomes.

Assistance in applying for residency by investment in 2024

No matter the country you decide to apply for residency by investment in 2024, asking for support can be a good idea for a successful application. Our agents can help you buy golden passports in some of the most important countries offering such programs.

We can verify your eligibility and prepare the documents you need for a successful application. Moreover, should you need any advice on the country you can apply for residency by investment, our agents can advise you.

With respect to residency by investment programs, we can forward the following data:

  • in 2017, more than 825,000 persons were granted residency by investment in EU countries;
  • among these countries, Italy (146, 600 individuals) and the United Kingdom (123,100 individuals) welcomed most of the foreigners;
  • in 2018, most of the foreign individuals naturalized in Malta came under the residency by investment program (more than 38%);
  • 82% of the foreigners entering the EU through such programs in 2017 came from non-EU states, such as Morocco, India, and Turkey.

If you have questions on how to choose a residency by investment program in 2024, our agents are at your service with tailored information based on your plans. We will also provide updated information on the latest financial requirements for different countries.

In most EU countries, the 2024Start-up Visa is one of the main ways of obtaining a golden visa/citizenship by investment with little money. So, if you are interested in this option, our specialists can help you.

Why decide on EU residency by investment

Foreign investors have the chance to live, work, and study in the European Union while also enjoying additional benefits, such as but not limited to:

  • visas are not required to enter the EU Schengen region;
  • future citizenship following a period of residence;
  • moving together with one’s family;
  • access to EU markets;

There are variations in each nation’s standards, and each program frequently goes through modifications. Contact our knowledgeable team for more information on the family requirements, due diligence costs, and background checks for each EU Golden Visa program.

For complete information on how to obtain residency by investment, please contact our consultants.