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Obtain Portuguese Passport by Investment

Obtain Portuguese Passport by Investment

Out of all European countries, Portugal has one of the most appealing citizenship by investment programs. With various options for those who want to immigrate here to a fast-track procedure, not to mention the all-year warm weather, there is nothing that can be said to make a non-EU citizen change his or her mind about moving here.

The options for obtaining a Portuguese passport by investment are explained below by our golden visa specialists who will be at your service during the entire immigration procedure. You can also rely on us for buying a golden visa in other European golden visa countries of your choosing.

Eligibility criteria to become a Portuguese passport by investment holder

While EU citizens do not need any type of visa to move to Portugal, except for spending the required period to obtain citizenship, the Golden Visa program was created to meet the immigration requirements of non-EU and non-EEA citizens seeking to move to Europe.

Foreign citizens of non-EU and non-EEA states must meet specific conditions if they want to apply for Portuguese passports by investments. Among these, one must have a clean criminal record which will be one of the first aspects the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Trade and Investment Agency (the institution in charge of issuing the residence permits) to verify. Then, the applicant must be a first-time Schengen visa holder (this is a recent requirement introduced by the Portuguese authorities) and, the last requirement is for the applicant to dispose of the money required to obtain residency and to be able to prove the legitimacy of the funds as well as their non-EU provenience.

At this point, it is useful to know that Portugal has one of the cheapest citizenship by investment programs in the European Union. It is also one of the most appreciated citizenship by investment countries on the continent.

If you have any questions about the conditions imposed for obtaining golden passports, feel free to ask our golden visa agents.

Financial requirements for obtaining a Portuguese passport by investment in 2024

One of the best parts of buying a golden visa in Portugal with the purpose of obtaining golden passports is the variety of investment options. These are also translated into different amounts of money that correspond to the selected investment.

One of the following financial requirements must be met by those who want to buy a golden visa/citizenship by investment in Portugal in 2024:

  • 250,000 euros that must be directed to the reconstruction of art-related and/or national heritage buildings;
  • 500,000 euros for real estate investment (a lower amount of 350,000 euros is available under specific criteria);
  • 350,000 euros for capital investments in innovative activities (research and development operations);
  • 500,000 euros for capital venture investments and/or share purchases in local companies;
  • 1 million euros for investments under the form of a bank deposit.

Depending on the investment choice, various documents must be presented to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs upon filing for the residence permit.

If you are interested in moving to golden visa countries, our agents are at your disposal for assistance in preparing the paperwork in order to avoid any drawbacks.

The fastest way to European citizenship in 2024

Obtaining a Portuguese passport by investment in 2024 has many advantages, one of the most important being associated with the possibility of securing European citizenship not only for the investor but also for his or her family members.

Obtaining European, thus EU citizenship implies free travel to all member states, including the possibility of working, studying and/or doing business in all these countries. Portugal is one of the powerful economies of the EU, thus ensuring confidence among foreign investors for all passport holders when entering various transactions.

Our specialists can also help you apply for a golden visa program in countries like the UK which is currently underway of completing its exit from the European Union.

What are the main benefits of being a Portuguese passport by investment holder?

A non-EU citizen can obtain many benefits after becoming a Portuguese citizen, and among these, we can mention the following:

  1. full rights just like any other Portuguese citizen – the right to vote and to have one or more properties in the country;
  2. the right to contribute and benefit from the social and healthcare national systems;
  3. economic stability from the activities developed here (employment or investment);
  4. free travel to all Schengen states and no visa requirements when traveling to countries that have specific agreements with the Schengen area.

Here are the main data about investments made under the Portuguese Golden Visa in 2021:

  • almost 90% of the applications went the way of investing in real estate; 90% of these applicants selected the 500,000 euros option, while 10% selected the 350,000 euros option.
  • the capital transfer option comes next, with 488 cases, and investment fund alternatives come after that, with 73 cases.
  • there were 17 applications based on employment creation, followed by financial infusion into businesses.

If you’ve determined that Portugal’s Golden Visa is the best option for you, you might want to learn more about your investment alternatives and begin getting ready to submit your application.

Becoming a Portuguese passport by investment holder in 2024 implies several advantages. Among these, free travel to all other EU countries is one of the most important. Also, for those looking to buy properties, Portugal can be one of the greatest citizenship by investment countries in Europe.

Buying property in Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, Setubal, or other well-known coastal locations will no longer be eligible for a Golden Visa for 2024, as established a few years back. The modifications are an attempt to boost funding for less densely populated areas. The expenditures have been made in larger, densely populated cities since the Portuguese Golden Visa program went into effect in 2012, ignoring other regions of the country. The price of real estate in Lisbon and other well-known cities increased as a result of this. Following the new regulations’ introduction, there will be a transition period that will enable those who applied in 2021 to complete their investment and visa applications.

If you need information on how to choose the best way to buy a golden visa/citizenship by investment in Portugal in 2024, our agents can advise you.

For assistance in obtaining a Portuguese passport by investment, please contact our local golden visa advisors.