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Spanish Residency by Investment

Spanish Residency by Investment

Spain is a very appealing country for those who want to start a business or relocate here by purchasing real estate, given the beautiful weather. There are plenty of opportunities for both EU and non-EU citizens, however, the last category is required to comply with specific requirements that enable them to become permanent residents of Spain.

One of the special programs created by the government in Spain refers to residency by investment and is called the Golden Visa program.

Below, our golden visa specialists invite you to discover how to apply for Spanish residency by investment. Our agents will be by your side through every step of the process once you decide to enroll in the Golden Visa program.

The main ways through which foreign citizens can move to Spain in 2022

Spain is a very appealing country to move to because of the many employment and business opportunities, but also thanks to the beautiful landscapes and sunny weather throughout the year.

Foreigners who want to immigrate to Spain in 2022 and obtain golden passports have several options in terms of visas, however, the golden visa through which permanent residency by investment can be obtained is by far one of the most appreciated programs in terms of relocation.

The program is open to foreign citizens from non-EU countries who have the opportunity of obtaining EU residency by moving to Spain.

Other residence permits under which one can move to Spain are non-lucrative and the wealth visas which provide for similar conditions as the golden passports scheme.

If you decide to buy a golden visa in Spain in 2022 and need information on the details of the program, our local specialists can guide you.

The conditions to move to Spain and obtain residency by investment

As mentioned above, the first and foremost condition to be eligible for Spanish residency by investment is to be a non-EU citizen. Then, the following requirements will need to be complied with:

  1. the applicant must be at least 18 years old when entering the program;
  2. select the type of investment to be made (real estate, entrepreneurship and other options are available);
  3. meet the investment requirements (the minimum amount to be invested is 500,000 euros);
  4. commit to the investment by making a deposit of the funds prior to applying for the Spanish visa;
  5. the applicant must also commit to maintaining the investment for a minimum period of 5 years.

Other conditions that apply to those who want to move to Spain by buying a golden visa is to be able to prove a stable source of income if they want to live here after being granted the residence permit. Also, a recent change is that the program requires applicants to not have been refused entry in other Schengen golden visa countries prior to applying for Spanish residency by investment.

Real estate purchases are the main option of foreign citizens seeking to buy a golden visa in Spain or any other country, as this is also the best way to live in the selected country. Also, this is one of the investment options available in most European countries with golden visa programs.

The minimum amounts of money to invest for Spanish residency by investment

Golden visa countries come with specific requirements when it comes to the amount of money to be injected by those who seek to obtain Spanish residency by investment.
Here are the types of investment and related amounts of money:

  • capital investment that can take the form of a deposit of 1 million euros in a Spanish bank account;
  • capital investment under the form of shares purchases in one or more Spanish companies worth at least 1 million;
  • another capital investment option is available for those willing to buy 2 million euros worth in Treasury bonds.
  • real estate purchase of a property with a minimum value of 500,000 euros.

No matter the option you decide on, you can rely on our golden visa agents in Spain for guidance.

If you want to buy a golden visa in citizenship by investment countries, you can rely on our specialists in Malta, Italy, or Portugal.

How to obtain Spanish residency by investment through real estate acquisition

As seen above, there are several investment options for foreign citizens seeking to buy a golden visa with the purpose of moving to Spain. Out of all the possibilities, real estate purchases are among the most appreciated as they offer the chance to own a property in a sunny country.

Real estate acquisition is also the cheapest option for those who simply want to retire here. In order to access the Spanish Golden Visa Scheme, one must purchase a property valued at a minimum of 500,000 euros. Applicants can purchase residential or commercial properties that can be rented or leased if the owner does not want to live permanently in Spain, as this is not a mandatory requirement when buying a golden visa.

Also, where the investor has found a property valued at less than 500,000 euros, he or she can purchase two or more properties. Also, joint investment is permitted in order to buy real estate.

Obtaining Spanish residency by investment through real estate acquisition is quite flexible which is why many non-EU citizens decide on this option. However, others are also worth considering, especially when seeking to earn a passive income from other types of investments.

Capital investment as a means to buy a golden visa in Spain

Capital investment is another way of acquiring Spanish residency by investment and it implies buying company shares or Treasury bonds worth at least 1 million euros, respectively 2 million euros.
As you can notice, the amount of money required under this option is significantly higher compared to the one associated with real estate purchases, however, the Spanish Government also wants to attract high net worth individuals interested in entrepreneurship and who can add value to the local economy.

This is one of the most suitable options for those seeking to retire to Spain.

Spanish residency by investment is available for non-EU citizens who want to relocate to Europe temporarily or permanently, as the investment must be kept for a minimum number of years only.
Many European countries offer residency and citizenship and our specialists can help you relocate to some of the most appealing citizenship by investment countries.

How to obtain Spanish residence by investment through entrepreneurship

Foreign businessmen are also welcomed to relocate to Spain by buying a golden visa. They have the option of buying shares in private or public companies thus becoming shareholders. The minimum value of the shares is set at 1 million euros.

The main particularity of this option is that the residence permit is issued for one year, followed by its extension to 5 years. The investment must be maintained during the 5-year period.

A recent program that was created by the Spanish Government is the Startup Visa Scheme which is another way of obtaining residency by investment here.

The main requirements to obtain Spanish residency by investment this way are:

  • the business must have a positive impact on the Spanish economy,
  • the applicant must have managerial experience.

In this case, each application is reviewed case-by-case by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, however, it is a cheaper alternative to the original program.

There is no minimum amount of money required to invest in the business under this program, however, the residence permit is issued for one year initially, followed by a 2-year validity residence permit, therefore, the disadvantage is the long waiting period to become a Spanish resident.

Our golden visa advisors can explain the pros and the cons associated with every option available under the Spain Golden Visa.

The procedure for obtaining residency by investment in Spain in 2022

Foreign citizens from non-EU countries who want to move to Spain with the purpose of obtaining residency by investment in 2022 must start the procedure with the nearest Spanish embassy or consulate in their home countries where they will file the application.

They need to prepare all the documents mentioned above and must submit proof of willingness to make the investment. It should be noted that during this stage, it is not required for the amount of money to be deposited.

It is also possible to appoint a Spanish representative to start the immigration procedure on one’s behalf, and our golden visa agents can start the formalities and assist applicants. Moreover, it is not required for the applicant to be in Spain at the time the papers are lodged in.

Moving to Spain with the purpose of living here permanently can be done through several means and types of visas, however, the 2022 residency by investment program has certain benefits, among which the right to obtain citizenship faster and to own a property and live a stress-free life from the moment one relocates here.

Moving to Spain with family members

One of the greatest advantages of immigrating to Spain through the residency by investment scheme is that it is possible to bring family members along. However, these need to complete a separate visa application procedure which can also be handled by one of our specialists. Documents attesting to the relationship with the main applicant must be included in the application (marriage certificate, birth certificates are the papers that can be used). Our agents will have them translated and filed for quick processing.

Among the family members that can relocate to Spain as dependents of investors are the spouse, minor children, and parents. These too are subject to verifications and must not be subject to travel bans, as one of the rights acquired as Spanish residents is that of free movement within the EU.

If you have any questions related to family members that can be included on the residency by investment application, you can direct them to our advisors.

Spanish residency by investment – an option for UK citizens after Brexit

Brexit was one of the major events that occurred at the beginning of 2021 and many British citizens lost certain rights when it comes to moving to the EU. However, residency by investment can still be obtained by the citizens of the UK who are not EU residents but intend to move to one of these states.

Spain is a great option for UK citizens interested in EU residency by investment as the financial requirements are not stringent, while the options are several, so they can choose the ones suiting them the best.

One of the main reasons for which UK citizens should choose Spain for a golden visa/citizenship by investment compared to other European destinations is that the program addresses entrepreneurs and persons who simply want to live in a stable and quiet country.

Documents to prepare when applying for a Spanish golden visa

The documents one must prepare when interested in applying for Spanish residency by investment depend on the investment option. However, in large lines, the following paperwork needs to be considered:

  • the application form in accordance with the desired type of investment;
  • two recent passport-size photos;
  • a copy of the valid passport which (6-month validity is required);
  • medical insurance with the minimum value imposed at EU level;
  • a clean criminal record that indicated the applicant did not commit any offense in the past 5 years;
  • proof of paying the visa application fee;
  • proof of the funds to invest in the Spanish economy, in accordance with the selected type of investment;
  • proof of self-sustenance for a minimum period if the applicant intends to live in Spain.

Applications must be filed with the Spanish Ministry of Interior.

The Spain residency by investment scheme compared to other similar programs

Many European countries have residency and citizenship by investment schemes which make them direct competitors when it comes to attracting wealthy foreigners in order to contribute to their economies. Spain, however, has one of the lowest requirements when it comes to investments in real estate – 500,000 euros. Also, those who obtain Spanish golden visas are not required to live here, as they only need to visit the country in order to renew their residence permits.

Those who decide to make Spain their home country under the golden visa/citizenship by investment must stay in the country at least 6 months per year and after 5 years they become eligible for permanent residency.

Why choose to relocate to Spain?

Spain is one of the most appealing countries in Europe if we are to consider the large numbers of tourists entering the country every year. When it comes to relocation with the purposes of obtaining Spanish residency by investment, however, the country has more to offer, among which:

  • visa holders who do not want to live here must only visit the country once per year in order to retain their residence permits,
  • it is possible to relocate to Spain with close family members without additional financial contribution,
  • it is also possible to move from Spain into another EU country, as EU residence is also available based on the golden visa,
  • citizenship is available after 10 years for those interested in permanent immigration.

If you want to apply for a golden visa and need information, our agents are at your service. We can also help move to other countries such as the United Kingdom or Ireland if you are interested in an EU member state.

The main benefits of residency by investment in Spain

All countries with golden visa programs offer various benefits to the holders of such visas, however, Spain has a special advantage over them which is related to not being required to deposit any other amount of money when moving here with family members.

Access to EU residency and Spanish citizenship after 10 years of living here are also among the benefits of the Spanish golden visa. However, when citizenship is sought, the applicant will be required to give up the former passport, as dual citizenship is not permitted in Spain.

If you want to apply for a golden visa in Spain and need assistance, do not hesitate to ask for the support of our local specialists.