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The Advantages of the Citizenship by Investment Programs

The Advantages of the Citizenship by Investment Programs

Foreign citizens who want to relocate to golden visa countries have various tools, or better said, programs they can enter, and which can help them accomplish their goals. These programs are known as citizenship by investment schemes and offer plenty of advantages to those selecting this method of establishing themselves in other countries.

Below, we offer an overview of the most impo202rtant advantages of citizenship by investment programs. If you are interested in acquiring a golden visa, our specialists are at your disposal with complete information about the current schemes and the requirements you must meet in order to qualify for the chosen one.

Top 5 advantages of a citizenship by investment program

There are two types of golden visa programs: the ones that grant citizenship by investment directly and the ones that offer residency by investment followed by citizenship after a few years. No matter the program you decide on, the benefits are usually the same.

Here are the most important advantages of a citizenship by investment program:

  1. obtain the same rights and social benefits as the citizens of the country in which you are moving through the golden visa program;
  2. in the case of EU countries, you will obtain the freedom to travel in other member states and within the Schengen area without applying for any other visas;
  3. start your own business: some citizenship by investment countries, you can start your own company (this is the case of Cyprus and Greece);
  4. you can move with your family – all citizenship by investment programs allow applicants to bring family members;
  5. choose the type of investment you want to make – all programs allow applicants to choose the investment they want to make.

North Macedonia and Turkey are the most affordable residency/citizenship by investment countries in Europe, but if you are interested in faster relocation, the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, and St. Lucia offer the cheapest programs. Increasing your worldwide reach via a residency program is no longer only a luxury for the very wealthy. There are several affordable residence by investment options that can help you achieve your objectives, whether you want to increase your freedom of travel, diversify your financial portfolio, or safeguard your legacy for future generations.

Under some citizenship by investment programs, there is no need for the applicant to actually reside in the country they have chosen. Our golden visa specialists can offer more information on the advantages of a citizenship by investment program.

Obtain social benefits under a citizenship by investment program in 2024

One of the most important benefits of enrolling in a citizenship by investment scheme and obtaining golden passports is obtaining the same treatment and social benefits of the citizens in the country you moved to. Health insurance, tax benefits, voting rights, and the right to buy a property are just a few of the advantages of relocating to another country under a golden visa/citizenship by investment program in 2024.

The benefits are not only for the applicants but also for the countries enabling such programs. Cyprus, which was one of the first countries in Europe to create such a program, has visibly improved its economy once the first foreign investors have started moving there under the scheme. Ever since the Cypriot government has made important changes that attracted more investors.

Our agents can also help you buy a golden visa in Malta, Greece or Portugal, some of the golden visa countries in Europe.

Visa-free travel in Europe

Considering most investors are attracted by EU citizenship by investment countries when it comes to a golden visa program, it is important to note that one of the greatest advantages of these schemes is the possibility of traveling visa-free in all other EU and Schengen area countries.

Among the countries in which you can obtain EU residency are Italy and Spain. We can help you buy golden passports in these countries.

Various investment options in 2024

Another advantage of citizenship by investment programs is related to the investment possibilities in terms of the amount of money to be injected and the options of starting a business, buying government bonds and acquiring properties.

Investors also have various options when it comes to cheaper countries in which they can acquire golden visas. Among the cheapest citizenship by investment programs, Greece and Malta stand out.

No matter the country you decide to move to based on a citizenship by investment program, you can rely on our consultants for detailed information on the latest changes in some of these schemes in 2024.

If you are looking for a country to move to in order to obtain citizenship by investment in 2024, our advisors can offer detailed information.

Why move to another country through such a program?

Financial stability and the possibility of taking family members with you should be the most important reasons for choosing to immigrate based on citizenship by investment program. Also, because:

  • in 2017, more than 800,000 individuals moved to the EU based on citizenship by investment programs;
  • most new citizenship by investment passports were issued by Italy, with more than 140,000 new passports;
  • Germany and France also welcomed a large number of foreign citizens in 2017: 115,400, respectively 114, 300 individuals;
  • half of the persons coming to EU countries under golden visa programs have an average age of 30.

It might take a long time and be challenging to obtain the permission to live and work abroad. For those with money to spend, however, that isn’t the case. Golden visas countries give wealthy individuals the chance to “purchase” the right to residency, sometimes even without having to actually move to the respective country. Also, their acceptance within the European Union is expanding as more people seek to relocate from countries like the UK post Brexit, for example.

At the level of 2024, most golden visa/citizenship by investment programs offer similar benefits, among which the chance to reside in a country under very advantageous conditions. Those who are planning to move to a state that offers citizenship by investment in 2024 can rely on the support of our agents for completing all the formalities.

For complete information on the advantages of citizenship by investment programs, please contact us.