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The Cheapest Citizenships to Buy

The Cheapest Citizenships to Buy

Moving to another country and living a stress-free life is the dream of many individuals and there are plenty of governments who have understood that this is the future of the economies of their countries. This is also how citizenship by investment countries have created programs, however, in order to enter such a scheme and buy a golden visa, a specific amount of money needs to be invested based on the country the foreigner wants to move to.

There are also golden visa programs considered cheap by analysts and by some of the lucky persons who managed to move to countries they’ve always dreamed of. Below, our golden visa specialists have created a shortlist of the countries which offer the cheapest citizenships to buy.

We can help foreign citizens interested in choosing the cheapest citizenships to buy in golden visa countries.

What are the cheapest countries to buy citizenship in 2024?

As the number of countries offering citizenship programs has increased in the last few years, it was only natural for some states to offer cheaper golden passports and thus create a real competition between governments interested in attracting foreign investments.

Below, we have gathered a small list of the citizenship by investment countries that offer the cheapest citizenship to buy schemes in the world:

  1. Dominica is by far the cheapest country in the world in which a foreign citizen can buy citizenship, according to all statistics;
  2. Cyprus is another country to offer one of the cheapest citizenships to buy schemes in the world;
  3. Malta is ranked as one of the cheapest golden visa countries in Europe and in the world in terms of citizenship by investment;
  4. Montenegro is also on the list of the cheapest citizenships to buy for those interested in moving to Europe;
  5. Greece has recently entered the citizenship by investment scheme by offering one of the cheapest options for those interested in buying golden passports;
  6. Portugal is one of the preferred destinations for foreigners interested in cheap citizenship by investment schemes in Europe.

Even if South American countries have the cheapest citizenships to buy in the world, these are also considered unsafe to some extent because of the economic turmoil in the region.

Our specialists in golden visas can help those interested in buying cheap citizenship in European countries such as Malta, Cyprus, and Portugal.

Malta has the cheapest citizenship to buy in Europe

Foreign citizens interested in the cheapest citizenship to buy in Europe can choose Malta which offers multiple choices in terms of investment. For example, the applicant can rent or purchase a property based on which he or she can acquire a golden visa/citizenship by investment in Malta.

One of the conditions to join the cheapest citizenship to buy in Europe implies renting a property for an entire year with a rental value of 16,000 euros upon enrolling in the program.

Our specialists can help foreign citizens interested in obtaining citizenship by investment in Malta.

Move to Cyprus under one of the world’s cheapest citizenships to buy in 2024

Cyprus is one of the oldest countries in the world to provide for cheap options for those who want to buy citizenship. Over the years, the government has perfected its program and now, Cyprus is one of the most competitive and has one of the cheapest citizenships to buy programs in the world.

A foreign citizen needs to purchase real estate worth at least 300,000 euros in Cyprus in order to obtain a golden visa. The greatest advantage of Cyprus’ program is that the purchase can be made through the applicant’s company if he or she has one.

Buy cheap citizenship by investment in Greece

Greece is also one of the countries to offer one of the cheapest citizenships to buy in Europe. For only 250,000 euros, a non-EU citizen can move to Greece together with his or her family members and enjoy the benefits of having EU citizenship.

If you are interested in the golden visa program, our specialists are at your disposal with complete information.

Why buy a golden visa in Europe?

According to recent statistics, Europe is one of the most desired destinations for foreign investors all over the world. The governments here have impressive efforts to provide for suitable conditions for those seeking to obtain cheap European citizenship:

  • in the first half of 2019, 645 investors obtained golden visas in Greece – one of the most important growths at EU level;
  • since the beginning of 2019, Malta has received more than 1,000 applications for golden visas;
  • Ireland approved 54 visas for investors who want to move and start a business here, since the beginning of 2019;
  • investor visa applications for the UK increased by 42% during the first quarter of 2019.

By far, at the level of 2024 Europe is one of the most attractive continents when choosing a country to buy citizenship in. Many EU states have updated their residency and citizenship by investment schemes for 2024 and now provide more advantageous conditions from a financial point of view. Malta remains one of the most appealing states from this point of view.

If you want to move to Europe and buy cheap golden visa/citizenship by investment in 2024, our agents are at your service with complete information.

Financially competitive countries include Portugal and Greece, where a real estate investment of between 250,000 and 300,000 euros is possible. With the benefit of a Maltese passport, one of the strongest in the world, Malta offers the fastest citizenship by investment in a time frame of one to 3years. Please mind that every golden visa scheme has its own specifications and costs. If you get in touch with us, we can offer more information about the specifics of the selected scheme.

Caribbean nations all offer enticing taxation schemes. There are no personal income taxes, capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes, or gift taxes in Antigua and Barbuda or St. Kitts and Nevis. These alluring tax breaks are quite beneficial to people and companies looking to minimize their taxes. Antigua and Barbuda is one of the most desirable areas to reside or own a second home, and it has good flight connections to both North America and Europe. There are about 150 countries where an Antigua and Barbuda passport is accepted, including the UK, Hong Kong, and the Schengen Area of Europe.

For assistance in entering the cheapest citizenships to buy programs, please contact our consultants.