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Citizenship by Investment in Dominica

Citizenship by Investment in Dominica

Dominica is one of the most appealing tourist destinations in the world. However, the country offers more than that and people who want to move here have the possibility of applying for Dominica citizenship by investment.

 Quick Facts 
Nationalities accepted


Business investment option (YES/NO)


Real estate investment option (YES/NO)

Yes, purchase of a property worth at least USD200,000

Other investment options (if available)

Donation of at least USD100,000 to the Economic Development Fund

Living requirement in Dominica (YES/NO)


Residence or direct citizenship option


Direct immigration with family members (YES/NO)


Family members allowed to join the program

 – spouse,

– children,

– parents and siblings no older than 30 

Residence visa/citizenship processing time (approx.)

3 – 6 months

Additional financial requirements for family members (YES/NO)

Yes, the donation can increase to USD 175,000 per family of 6 members, plus USD 25,000 for each additional member

Timeframe for obtaining citizenship/residency by investment

Maximum 6 months

Dual citizenship permitted (YES/NO) 


Reasons to choose Dominica

 – quick visa processing time,

– simple procedure through which the passport is sent directly to the country’s applicant,

– no income or capital gains taxes

Personal income tax rate

No personal income tax

Visa free travel to other countries (approx. number of countries)Approx. 140 countries

The Dominica golden visa scheme is simple and easy to access and foreign citizens from all over the world who want to move here can obtain a passport for a specific amount of money. Below, our golden visa agents explain the main requirements of this program. If you want a golden passport for Dominica, you can contact our lawyers who will offer legal assistance.

Dominica residency by investment, the first step to citizenship

Foreign citizens who want to use a golden visa program to move to another country and decide for Dominica should know that this state offers residency by investment followed or citizenship, in accordance with the desire of the applicant.

Obtaining citizenship by investment in Dominica in 2024, however, is not difficult and with the help of our local advisors, the procedure can be completed in a simple manner.

If you are interested in other golden visa countries, you can obtain the entire list of countries where we can help you move from our specialists. Furthermore, we are also at your service with details on Dominica citizenship cost. For obtaining a golden passport for Dominica you should follow a legal procedure that can be explained by our lawyers.

Requirements to enter the 2024 Dominica passport by investment scheme

Enabled in 1993, the Dominica citizenship by investment program is one of the most appreciated golden passports in the Caribbean region. Also a member state of the Commonwealth, a Dominican passport comes with free access to the UK and Singapore, some of the most important business hubs in Europe, respectively Southeast Asia.

In order to be eligible for citizenship by investment in Dominica, a person must:

  • be at least 18 years old at the time of the application;
  • have a valid passport;
  • have no criminal record;
  • be financially solvable in order to demonstrate he or she meets the investment requirement.

If you need guidance on citizenship by investment in other countries, do not hesitate to reach out to our consultants. You can find more articles on how to buy golden visas in other countries on our website. We can help you buy a passport for Dominica in 2024, if you observe the local rules, as shown in the infographic below:

Investment options under the Dominica golden visa

Dominica has two options when it comes to citizenship by investment. These are:

  1. a contribution of at least 100,000 USD to the Economic Development Fund;
  2. the purchase of real estate in an approved project valued at minimum 200,000 USD;
  3. against any of these options, citizenship by investment in Dominica can be obtained in approximately 6 months.

The value of the investment, however, is not the entire Dominica citizenship cost, as there are also other government fees to consider.

We remind foreign citizens that St. Kitts and Nevis also has a golden visa program similar to the one developed by Dominica.

Should you want to apply for Dominica residency by investment or citizenship, you can discuss your options with our local consultants.

If you need more information on other golden passports and countries that offer them, you can get in touch with our agents. Buy a passport for Dominica with the help of our experienced lawyers.

Procedure to obtain citizenship by investment in Dominica

Obtaining a Dominica passport by investment in 2024 is not complicated, as the country has a special authority handling applications which imply a fast documents processing time. This is the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU).

The main applicant must file various documents, among which is the application form which can be found on the CBIU’s website, the valid passport, proof of financial worthiness, and other papers depending on the investment option.

Dominica is one of the most appealing citizenship by investment countries thanks to the fast visa processing times which enables foreigners to obtain passports without having to live here.

Special considerations when applying for citizenship by investment in Dominica

Only people of moral integrity and reputation will be accepted into the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program. The Government of Dominica carries out due diligence procedures on all candidates older than 18 years of age to ensure that only credible individuals of impeccable standing are granted citizenship. Only those with a clean criminal background and funds that have been obtained legally will be allowed to apply for citizenship in Dominica, which is committed to an excellent quality of due diligence to safeguard the integrity of its citizenship investment program.

Those applying for Dominican nationality must also be in perfect health and demonstrate that they don’t have any infectious diseases in order to be accepted.

A candidate for Dominican citizenship by investment must either make a sizeable financial donation to a government fund or buy authorized property on the island. In all situations, the applicant must formally agree to make the investment before submitting an investor program application, but they are not required to make the complete payment until after receiving general permission.

All these aspects can be discussed in detail with our golden visa specialists who can also complete verification procedures in order to ensure eligibility for this scheme.

Obtaining Dominican citizenship through donations

Throughout an effort to advance national development and assist the social advancement and financial security of the island nation, the Dominican Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) provides funding for public and private sector projects in the nation.

The following non-refundable financial contributions to the Economic Diversification Fund must be paid in order to be eligible for citizenship by investment in Dominica under this option:

  • for an individual applicant, USD 100,000 is required;
  • principal candidate and spouse: USD 150,000;
  • USD 175,000 is required for the principal candidate, spouse, and up to two minor children;
  • for additional dependents, USD 25,000 per person is required;
  • for 18 to 25-year-old eligible siblings, the minimum donation per person is USD 50,000.

Compared to other citizenship by investment countries in the area that issue golden passports, these contributions are lower. This way, Dominica offers one of the most affordable citizenship by investment programs in the world.

Acquiring property through the Dominican citizenship by investment scheme

An applicant must purchase authorized real estate in Dominica for at least USD 200,000. Also, he or she must keep ownership for at least 3 years in order to be eligible for Dominican citizenship under the real estate investment option. Under the citizenship by investment scheme, the applicant may resell the property after 5 years of ownership.

There are various approved real estate projects that provide for ownership that is tailored to suit the needs of potential investors aiming for golden passports in Dominica. Economic citizenship applicants need to consider an advance payment on the property and sign a sale and purchase agreement to formally secure an interest in a Dominican resort project in compliance with CBIU laws. The investor has several days to settle the remaining investment balance after receiving an approval for Dominican citizenship. At that point, he or she will be given an Ownership Certificate.

Foreign nationals will get citizenship in Dominica for themselves and their families after meeting all of the requirements. Applicants are issued Certificates of Naturalization and will receive their new passports within a week. We also invite you to watch our video below:

Bringing family members to Dominica

Foreign citizens who enter the Dominica citizenship by investment program and decide to live here can move directly with various family members or these can relocate here later.

The program developed by Dominica enables family immigration with the following:

  • the spouse and minor and adult children;
  • the parents and grandparents;
  • the siblings aged no more than 30.

An important aspect to consider when bringing family members is that additional financial requirements are met based on family ties, the age of the dependents, as well as on the time they relocate to Dominica.

Dominica is one of the best-rated golden visa countries in the Caribbean region.

Dominica is a tropical island found in the Caribbean Sea in the smaller Antilles archipelago. It is renowned for its natural beauty and has mostly escaped major tourism, which makes life here relatively peaceful. English is widely spoken, but Dominican Creole and French are also widely used. The low cost of life in Dominica, where housing and local cuisine are both well-priced, is one of the island’s main benefits. Dominica has an extremely low crime rate, making life there safe and welcoming to foreigners who decide to move there.

The main benefits of moving to Dominica

Some of the benefits of this program are:

  • the possibility to travel to more than 140 locations globally without a visa or requiring one upon arrival;
  • possibility to include the spouse, single children under 31, parents and grandparents 65 years of age or older in the application, and the ability to add dependents after the principal applicant has been awarded citizenship;
  • citizenship through descent accessible to the next generations;
  • the freedom to work, live, and learn in Dominica;
  • dual citizenship is unrestricted in Dominica;
  • no minimum duration of stay is necessary.

The Ministry of Finance’s citizenship by investment unit handles application processing. Currently, applications must be processed within 3 months of the whole application being received.

If you want to apply for citizenship by investment in Dominica and need support, do not hesitate to contact our local advisors, as it is expected for the program to suffer changes.